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Day 14 = Nako to Kalpa

Part -2

Maa Chandika Deviji Ka Killa, Kalpa Monastery, Narayan Nagini Temple, Balika Ashram, Shree Brahma Vishnu Narayanji Temple and all major landmarks of Kalpa can be seen from here. And all these are at walking distance from Hotel Blue Lotus.

All area below hotel is apple garden with lots of apples.

Now the weather turned cloudy. I wanted to visit famous Roghi Cliff Suicide Point before sunset. I reached there within 10 minutes of ride along with narrow single road besides apple trees.

It was 3.10PM then. Suddenly it started raining. Since this road had no side railings, I feared of bike slipping.

Roghi cliff in rains video- 1

There were two Tata trucks who were taking pictures at Roghi Cliff. And due to rain nobody was there. Can you see rain drops on my glass and bike?

Every tourist wants to pose at that cliff edge but rain spoiled my plan to pose.

Rain was not stopping and I did not bring my rain coat with me. My luggage was at hotel. I started riding back as there was no place for shelter.
After riding 5 minutes rain suddenly stopped. I thought of riding there again, but since there were no tourists there, how will I click my picture on that Roghi Cliff edge?
But God had a ready plan for me.
Suddenly I saw a young student walking towards Roghi. I stopped and offered her lift till Roghi Village. He said yes, but he wanted to ride my bike.
I showed him my hand injury and told that if we slip or fall down then I will spoil my plan.
At 3.25Pm, I was again at Roghi Cliff, but this time I had someone who can click my pictures.
I requested that young boy to click some pictures there, which he immediately agreed.

I parked my bike at Roghi Cliff Suicide Point and clicked picture of my bike.

Then I gave my camera and mobile to that boy and went to pose at cliff.

This famous cliff is at 9700 feet. Since rain stopped vehicles also started coming there.

All my pictures clicked with DSLR got blurred as my camera became wet in that rain.
But the mobile pictures were good ones. Thanks to good camera of my Moto x4 mobile.

I tried to pose with different poses, as I did not know how that boy would be clicking. Will he be clicking with cliff or with mountain beside me? But this young generation had good knowledge about mobile photography.

Many tourists started arriving there at Roghi Cliff. We started riding towards Roghi Village. This was the point from where you can see whole cliff with edges.

That young boy obliged me by clicked more pictures for me.

These types of pictures are difficult to click if you are riding solo. But God always has a good plan for me and He sends someone for my help.
I dropped him at Roghi Village and I thanked that young boy for those lovely pictures. I gave him chocolates and took a picture of both of us for memory.

When I came back towards Roghi Cliff after dropping, weather was clearer.

There were lots of tourists at the Cliff.

Roghi Video – 2

Now I was riding toward hotel on the narrow single way road. There were lots of apple trees besides road.

I could see full mountain and Kalpa village on my way back.

This xBhp sticker gifted to me was still strong and did not come off after so much off road since last 14 days.

After parking my bike inside hotel veranda, I visited nearby landmarks of Kalpa. All these were nearby and I started on foot.
This is Monastery of Kalpa.

View inside Monastery.

Prayer wheels outside Monastery.

Then I visited Narayan Nagini Temple.

This temple is a perfect example of Kinnauri craftsmanship.

This temple is constructed in traditional Tibetan Pagoda style of architecture.

There are many old style houses near this temple.

All the wooden architecture is a very good here.
But sad thing is that NO Visitors are allowed inside temple.

Then I visited Shree Brahma Vishnu Narayanji Temple nearby.

This temple also has great wooden carvings and architecture.

This temple was also closed.

But visitors could see wooden architecture of temple.

Then I visited Maa Chandika Deviji ka Killa.

This is entrance.

History of this Killa.

Apart from the beautiful wooden carvings, it offers breathtaking view of Kinnaur range of mountains. There is a step like structure just besides main temple structure where you can sit and enjoy. Sound of small wooden pieces, due to wind, at the top of small structure is enchanting.

There were apple trees near the boundary.

This is a hangout place for young school children. They all were roaming there.

I requested one of them to click for me.

During October there is a big festival with dance etc here at Killa.
Then I visited Balika Ashram near Monastery.

I bought chocolates for them and gifted them. There are around 50 girls in this Ashram. You need to take permission from the Head and then you can distribute any gifts among girls. You have to make entry in register also.

Girls were happy to eat chocolates and so was I.

Then I returned back to hotel. A friend of owner of hotel met me at reception. He gifted me some freshly plucked apples from his apple firm nearby.
At 5.50pm, I was sitting at veranda of Hotel Blue Lotus and having a local sweet and enjoying the scenic mountain views of evening. Kinnaur Kailash Mountain Range / shivaling Mountain Range are very beautiful and best viewed from Kalpa.

This was ride map for the day.

Coming up….NEXT… Kalpa to Sangla, Amazing Sunrise at Kinnaur Kailash Shivling Mountain Range,
Chitkul- Last Village of India, Hindustan Ka Aakhri Dhaba.

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mesmerizing sajal ji. do you use gumboots while riding ? whats the advantage of them over other riding boots?
Thank you @smoothwanderer ji

I always ride carrying two shoes.
1) Gumboots - to be used during water crossings/ mud road / rains.
Advantage - cleaning in 1 minute .
2) Normal - woodland ankle shoes to be used during plain roads/ no dust roads.
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Another beautiful update, Sajal Ji. You cover each place in a very detailed manner which I've not see many, including myself, doing. Awesome!
One of most amazing section of this stretch is Khab bridge where Sutlej and Spiti river merges together to form Sutlej. Sutlej enters India near Shipki La pass and a permission from Kinnaur DC and Army is required to visit Shipki La. Do try to attempt Shipki La, if possible in future. It's in my bucket list as well.