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Day 15 = Kalpa to Sangla & Chitkul visit.

Total 96 Kms

Ride time 8.30AM to 3:30 PM.

Today was another short ride. Yesterday I booked Hotel at Sangla using MMT App. So in stead of staying at Chitkul, I will stay at Sangla. I will be seeing River Baspa, which is famous for its blue & clear water.

This was the view from my hotel veranda at 6.40AM.

Hotel Blue Lotus’s Veranda has beautiful view of Kinnaur / Shivling Mountain Range.

Good morning, Kalpa

Sunrise as seen from there.

I was amazed to see such a sunrise along with snow capped mountain peaks.

But clouds were trying to cover the mountains view.

Look at the shadow of mountain peak.

It was the most beautiful sunrise of this ride.

Till 7 AM, I was sitting at veranda enjoying this mesmerizing view and clicking the sunrise pictures.

Then I got ready and had my breakfast. I checked out and started for Sangla at 8.30AM. I crossed Reckong Peo and then I filled up petrol at HPCL near Sutlej River. I also checked my tyre pressure. This was the view of Shongtong Bridge at 9.30AM.

There are many hydral power project en route Sangla. This was a road where a new project is being made.

Look at the size of tunnel under construction.

View of another hydral power project on the way. This is Sutlej River.

Then I took the bifurcation on left towards Sangla Valley. Sangla town was 19 kms from there.

This was the beautiful Baspa River.

At 10 Am, I was ascending on the rock cut roads towards Sangla.

There was a cable carrier to bring goods from opposite site of mountain.

This was the opposite site of mountain from where that Cable carrier was coming.

Sangla Valley also has rock cut roads but the hill has lots of greenery.

At 10.20Am, I crossed this famous Mata Aastangchey Temple. The rock cut road along with narrow road with temple.

This is the water coming out from Baspa Dam.

It is advised to cross this Baspa Dam and then cross a small village. You will come to a place where you will get best view of entire Baspa Reservoir, Dam along with Sangla Town.

This is the Baspa Dam.

And this the beautiful view from there.

Then I crossed back Baspa Dam and saw this Entry Gate mentioning welcome to Thupka Valley.

I went directly to Hotel Himadri International, Sangla. I had booked this at Rs.400 only via MMT App yesterday. This hotel has no lift and parking is on road only. Restaurant and reception is on top floor, so you need to climb lots of stairs.

But I cannot complain as I got big size room for Rs.400 only.
It was 11:15AM, then. So unloaded my luggage at the room and started riding towards Chitkul.

At 11.55AM, I took a break to see this scenic view.

I could see huge mountains on opposite side of River Baspa.

This Sangla Valley or Thupka Valley is very scenic and it is totally green.

This is near Rakccham village. This valley has lots of house and view of Baspa River along with mountains on both sides.

One can sit and enjoy the view for a long time.

At 12.20PM, view became wide. There were rocks cut road in some patches.

I could see snow capped mountain tops on far mountains.

This is a tributary of Baspa River.

I could see lots of camps and hotels on my right near Baspa River.

At 1.00PM, I reached Chitkul at 11320 feet.

The Indo-Tibet border is approximately 90 Kms from the Chitkul village. However, no civilian movement is allowed beyond Chitkul, which is why it is famously known as the last village before the Indo-Tibet Border. The area beyond the village is in control of the Indo Tibet Border Police.

The slopes of this magical land are flaunted by the majestic Deodars and the dignified Chilgoza, Chitkul also boasts of abundant orchards, famous golden apple and high-quality potatoes.

Chitkul is last village of India towards Tibet Border where you can reach without permit.

According to a recent study by Centre of Atmospheric Sciences at IIT Delhi, Chitkul has the cleanest air in India.

At 1.15PM, I reached Chitkul. If you search for Chitkul in internet, famous Hindustan ka aakhri dhaba (“Last Dhaba of India”) is also shown.

It is always on the list of must-do things of visitors at Chitkul.

All tourists want to click a picture with this board.

It was lunch time and I just moved around this village. I saw this
Hydro Flour Mill. This runs with water stream force. But now it is closed.

Mathi Devi Temple is the oldest in area. But no visitors allowed inside temple.

I saw many hotels and eateries there. But this board looked interesting.

This was a hotel Chitkul Heights.

I went inside and had this for my lunch. View from restaurant was very good.

This hotel was towards end of village. There are lots of corn fields after this hotel.

Chitkul is mainly known for its mesmerizing beauty and bucolic nature

Famously known as the last inhabited village on the Indo-Tibet Border, Chitkul is also the most beautiful village.

I spent some time around & that’s me enjoying the panoramic views of the vistas.

At 2.30PM, I started riding back towards Sangla.

Some scenic views captured on the way back.

Also came across this colorful patch of nature at 2.45PM.

This was last last picture of the day.

This was ride map of the day.

Next day is long ride for me as I plan to reach Rohru via Sungri route. I booked OYO Hotel United Regency via MMT App. The stay was booked for 2 days.

Coming up….NEXT…Sangla to Shiladesh via Sungri, Rohru, & Chirgaon.

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@adsatinder ji

That place is called Sangla Kanda.
There are two roads to reach there.
one from Sangla , just opposite Hotel Himadri International, where I stayed. And other one is beyond Baspa Reservoir view point.

Search for Rupin pass trek , Sangla Kanda trek, Sangla Kanda Lake etc .
My friend Panshul Mehta of organizes trek to Sangla Kanda.
Sangla Kanda - Chansu Trek | Seeking Himalayas

4x4 vehicle can reach Sangla Kanda.

And here are some images from Google Earth, which can be compared to the pictures I clicked.

sang 1.jpg

sang 2.jpg

sang 3.jpg

sang 4.jpg

Shree Bairing Nag Ji Temple is also there
sang 5.jpg

sang 6.jpg

sang 7.jpg

sang 8.jpg

This is Sangla Kanda Lake...
sang 9.jpg

This is video of Sangla Kanda Lake

If anybody wants to visit this place, then call
+91 980 599 38 37
+91 980 511 90 98

Seeking Himalayas
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