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That place is called Sangla Kanda.
There are two roads to reach there.
one from Sangla , just opposite Hotel Himadri International, where I stayed. And other one is beyond Baspa Reservoir view point.

Search for Rupin pass trek , Sangla Kanda trek, Sangla Kanda Lake etc .
My friend Panshul Mehta of www.seekinghimalayas.com organizes trek to Sangla Kanda.
Sangla Kanda - Chansu Trek | Seeking Himalayas

4x4 vehicle can reach Sangla Kanda.

This is video of Sangla Kanda Lake

If anybody wants to visit this place, then call
+91 980 599 38 37
+91 980 511 90 98

Seeking Himalayas
This Place is Amazing !
Videos are suggesting it to be free from rush time tourists too.
4x4 is only accessible and on foot also worth moving here with precautions of rain gears and food.
Perfect place for daytime Trek / Picnic.
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