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Day 17 = Shiladesh to Theog, morning visit to
Chanshal Pass.

Total 140 Kms

Ride time 8.45AM to 5:45 PM.

I got up and washed my bike with chilled water and lubricated my chain. I ordered my breakfast. My plan was to visit Chanshal Pass in the morning and then have lunch at Rohru at yesterday’s 3D Food Junction Restaurant. I wanted to reach Theog or Shimla by the end of day. Today I was going to visit sixth and final mountain pass of current ride.

In this ride, till now, I had covered
1. Jot Pass
2. Padri Pass
3. Sinthan Pass
4. Sach Pass &
5. Kunzum Pass

Visiting Chanshal Pass in the morning means I will get very less crowd there.
During monsoon the off road to Chanshal Pass has lots of slush and during winter it is filled with snow. It is open from May to October.
Chanshal Pass is highest place of Shimla District.

There were apple gardens on both sides of road and next to hotel also. I could touch them also.

I asked my Hotel owner about road now onward till Chanshal Pass. He told me that as long as you have decent enough riding experience, you will easily be able to manage your motorcycles towards Chanshal.

See this video and see how near were apple trees from my hotel.

He also told me to pick some apples from his processing factory nearby on my way back to Rohru.

This was my breakfast.

I started my ride at 8.45AM and after crossing Shiladesh Village, this was the road condition.

Road now onward till top was very bad, but the view of nearby mountains was scenic.

I had not taken any luggage. Only water bottle and some snacks in backpack. It was 9.30 AM, from here Chanshal Pass was 15 kms away.

Road behind me.

View of mountains from there.

At 9.45 AM, I came across big long pine trees.

This road has thick green forest cover.

There was nobody on those off roads and there was a fearful and peaceful calmness there.

From Larot, the road is full of sand and boulders.

But the pine trees around make your ride scenic.

Some green grass on those trees.

Some part had slush also. I had to be careful on those parts of road.
The ascent is quite steep and for most part, the road is a completely broken dirt trail & with a lot of slush and lose rocks.

View behind me.

The trees around was luring me to click pictures.

At 10.15 AM, I stopped to see some flowers near road.

There was a big rock there and it looked as if that tree is holding that big rock.

Now road was on ascent and I was riding slowly.

Road behind me.

At 10.30AM, I started to see wide views around.

I could see some human habitat on my right.

Sky ahead was having thick clouds in patches.

I could now see far mountains with some villages and roads.

But the roads continue to be very bad. I was riding very slowly.

At 10.35AM, I could see a big mountain peak with green cover.

I could get view of road below. I came via that road.

View behind me. I was riding on upper part of mountain.

At 10.40AM, Chanshal Pass was 4 kms ahead.

Now green cover mountains were having peaces of small rocks.

View behind me.

At 10.45AM, I was riding above clouds on those bad roads.

I could see some prayer flags and small temple like thing on my right. Was this Chanshal Pass?

There was a maruti van cum snack stall. He was selling packed snacks and Maggie. I requested owner to click a picture of mine.

Chanshal Pass is very peaceful and famous for its scenic beauty. I was now riding above clouds literally.

Clouds had covered part of road ahead of me.

Video of clouds at Chanshal Pass road.

After looking at the drench on my right, I could feel the height now.

At 10.55AM, I was riding on this condition of road and see the side edge of road.

View behind me.

Just after riding for 5-7 minutes again the sun came out of clouds.

View on my right.

Clouds were in hurry to cover those areas.

It was beautiful place nourished and enriched with beauty of nature.

After that it looked as if I will be riding inside clouds.

Clouds very playing hide and sick there.

At 11.10AM, I reached Chanshal Pass.

Chanshal Pass

It took 2 hours 25 minutes to reach Chanshal Pass from Shiladesh.

Cont’d in PART – 2.

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