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Day 18 = Theog to Ambala.

Total 200 Kms

Ride time 9:00AM to 4:00 PM

Today was last day of ride in mountains. I plan to reach Ambala today. I could easily reach Delhi today, but as I had booked my return train ticket of 21st September, 2019. So I need not hurry. I had one day reserved in my plan. Yesterday night I had parked my bike near CCTV camera view. This hotel has separate parking area for two and four wheelers inside boundary wall. But I kept my bike near restaurant only.

I had packed my bag in such a way that I could remove my warm cloths inside bag, as I come down to plains and wear cloths suitable for plains. I did not wear thermals today.

I woke up at 7.15AM and this was the view from my room’s balcony.

That road near mountain is Shimla – Solan bypass road. But I was told that this road in not in good condition. And I have time also. So I decided to ride via Shimla only. I rang up my wife and informed her about my change of ride plan. This is view of that bypass road from my hotel.

Those bypass road passes through these mountains. Route must be scenic one.

Mr. Suresh Sharma, owner of Hotel Care Haat has invited me to see his apple garden and his house. This is the road to his house. Road is surround by apple trees. But all the apples were plucked and sold.

Some of the flowers in his garden…

I could hear sound of lots of birds there.
I met his mother and elder brother near his house. Then I came back and got ready after packing my luggage.
This is Mr Sharma’s house along with Theog Village Mountains.

While I was wearing shoes, one bird came at my room’s balcony.

It was forest pigeon perhaps.

It might be spotted dove also.

This was my breakfast for the day.

I started riding towards Shimla at 9.00AM.
Road was in good condition.

I saw a funny named eatery on the way near Theog.

After that I took some breaks for drinking water and it took more than one hour to cross busy and tourist traffic loaded roads of Shimla. This City has grown leaps and bounds. You need to ride 35 kms in busy roads to cross Shimla City now.

I took sugarcane juice break after crossing Shimla at 11.10AM.

After that I crossed Solan. There is a new four lane road. Part of it is under construction.

At 1.30PM, I took a break near Parwanoo. I saw a resort on the Top of hill opposite highway.

View of road behind me.

Now only a few mountains were left before reaching plains.

It was already lunch time and the road ahead was good one. I decided to have lunch at Chandigarh.

And that hill top resort is
Timber Trail Resort near Parwanoo. You need to use this cable car to reach it. As per locals there the rent per night is Rs.5000 there.

After that I reached plain and at one petrol pump I filled up just 4 ltr petrol calculating the distance upto New Delhi Railway Parcel office in mind. Rate of petrol is cheaper in Ambala compared to other nearby places. I also changed my shift suitable for heat condition in plains.

Suddenly I thought of having lunch at McDonald’s Restaurant at Chandigarh. I had had food in McDonald’s in March, 2018 with my daughter at Jaipur Ajmer Highway during my
ride to NEHAsthan. We don’t have any McDonald’s in Odisha.

My internet on mobile was not working properly. So I kept on looking at road side for McDonald’s board. While riding on Zirakpur fly over, I saw one on my right inside DownTown Square Mall. But I need to ride wrong side to reach it. So I passed it and kept on riding towards Ambala. I had heard that there are 3 McDonald’s in Chandigarh.

After riding 4 kms, suddenly I saw another one on my right at NH.
I stopped and went there. It was 3:00PM then.

I was confused what to order. So I ordered same items which I ordered last year with my daughter at Jaipur.

And a picture of Mr. Ronald McDonald clown, which is Mascot of this fast food chains.

After that I reached my friend Panshul Mehta of Ambala City. He is owner of . He organizes many treks and adventure activities.

This is my picture with my bike at his home.

This was ride map for the day.

Coming up…NEXT…Ambala to New Delhi Railway Parcel office, Process and procedure of carrying bike in train.

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Day 16 = Sangla to Shiladesh via Sungri, Rohru & Chirgaon.

Total 210 Kms
Ride time 6.30AM to 5:30 PM.

Today’s ride was going to be long one. I started my ride at 6.30AM. I started to like riding in morning in mountains. Rising sun and shadows of mountains was looking beautiful. There were fewer vehicles on road during early morning.

Baspa River along with cliff road was scenic.

I crossed Karcham, Chooling and Tapri. At around 7.50AM, I saw a solo cyclist near Wangtu.

He is Sunil Sapkal from Mumbai. I met yet another inspiring person in Spiti Valley route.

I appreciated him on riding solo, that to on cycle. We talked for around 10 minutes. I wished him best of luck for his onward journey.

At 8.15AM, I reached famous Maa Tranda Temple.

This famous Temple is 44 kms near Rampur. Every person passing in a vehicle from here does not forget to bow the head in the temple. People believe that if a driver passes through this temple without bowing his head, mishaps happens to him. The history of Tranda Mata Temple is also interesting. After the India-China war in 1962, the army thought of constructing a road from here so that ammunition and logistics could be easily transported to the border.

In 1963, Graf Wing of the Army BRO started road construction here. While constructing a road, one or the other worker dies due to daily rocks falling. The army people got very upset with this.
Meanwhile the people of Tranda village asked him to go to the temple of Maa Chandralekha built in the village. Goddess Guru said that the place where you are taking out the road is inhabited by Shakti. Devi wants to be established there.

After this, the army people got the temple constructed and brought the idol of the mother from Tranda village and installed it here. After the construction of the mother's temple in 1965, the road work was also completed and there was no accident. After this, it was recognized that whoever goes to this temple, will be safe on those roads.

At 8.30AM, I reached to Tranda Dhank.

Tranda Dhank section of the Hindustan Tibet Road was constructed in 1956.

This stretch of road was constructed using half tunneling method.

Due to almost vertical face of the stone wall, workers had to slither form with ropes from top and work to create the passage. At that point of time it was a remote location and construction teams had to face lot of hardships.

Many blasting holes still can be seen there. Many people lost there lives here during its construction.

One must stop here to enjoy the view as well as to understand the difficult terrain and dangerous conditions in which the road is constructed which was considered almost impossible by many in 1956.

During winters you can see snow on these roads.

This Rock Tunnel is also a Gateway to Kinnaur.


Just after crossing Tranda Dhank, there is a makeshift eatery. He sells fruits etc. He also makes very good Maggie.

View of Tranda Dhank Rock Tunnel from there.

That was my tasty breakfast for the day.

At 9.30AM, I crossed another famous landmark called Kinnaur Dwar.

View of Sutlej River from there.

Then I crossed busy Rampur Town. I also topped petrol there.
I crossed Duttnagar. My next stop was Nirth. I wanted to ride uphill from there towards Sutlej view point. This was little unknown route and I had no idea about the road condition now onward. I had covered 110 kms by then.

At 11.15AM, I reached this road bifurcation. Rohru was just 63 kms from there.

There was almost no one on those hill roads. I could see only 1-2 vehicles coming down.

I reached Sutlej view point at 11.20AM.
The view from there was just great.

I could see part of Rampur, Duttnagar & Gadrej village. This is Himachal Pradesh State Milk Cooperative plant of Duttnagar.

This is Koel Village.

But the water of Sutlej River was no so clear. Baspa River’s water is more clear and blue.

But the nearby mountains near Koel Village were completely green.

Even far mountains beyond Gadrej Village were looking great on that clear weather day.

And this is my bike on that Sutlej View Point.

Till now the road was good and I thought of reaching Rohru by 12:30PM.

Scenic green mountains became to show, but those good roads became bad roads slowly.

It was 12.30PM already, but I had not reached Sungri yet. I was riding on bad roads, but there were lots of apple gardens on nearby mountains.

They might be saving apples from sun or morning dew.

The forest cover was good there.

This was road ahead of me.

This was road behind me. The milestone shows that I had crossed Narain Village 5 kms before.

I stopped at 12.45PM, again for a break. Sungri Top was just 2 kms ahead. The forest before Sungri Village is very dense. And road is full of dust.

Just after riding for 5 minutes, I saw something on road. I just stopped to see those sharp objects.

These were sharp spines of PORCUPINE.

These were quills of Porcupine in those forest areas just before Sungri Village.

Some animal might have killed Porcupine or it might have been hunted by some human also.
I picked one quill but it might be illegal to carry forest substance. So I dropped it there and moved ahead towards Sungri Top. People say that keeping quill of Porcupine in home will result in quarrels between housemates.

I reached Sungri Village and had some snacks near bus stop. People there told me that road from there till Rohru Town is very good one. As there were no good hotels to eat at Sungri, I decided to ride toward Rohru and have my lunch there only.

Now the road was good tar road. I passed by many apple gardens. I then took next break at 1.40PM and clicked some pictures there.

I could see Devta Bonda Temple from that point.

Road was having lots of pine trees.

I reached Rohru Town, but the Google location of OYO 47317 United Regency is totally wrong. This hotel is on main road only and there is NIL parking. I managed to park my bike on main road.

Then a bad thing happened.

This OYO Associated Hotel did not honor my OYO Bookings for 2 days of 18-9-2018 to 20-9-2019. I had paid for two days in advance. They didn't honor this pre paid bookings. And insisted on staying there by paying double rent with them without OYO booking!!! Booking was done via MMT app.

And the behavior of staff of Hotel United Regency of Rohru was very unprofessional.

I thought to have lunch first then decide what to do. I started riding towards Chirgaon.

I saw a decent hotel named 3D Food Junction. I decided to have lunch there. It was 2.30PM then. I ordered food and called up my home. Then I called up MMT and OYO and wasted two important hours of my time. I could manage to get full refund from MMT.

But the staff and lady owner of 3D Food Junction Restaurant are very nice. They served me good food and allowed meet to sit there for an hour also. This was my tasty lunch.

I recommend all to have lunch and dinner here at 3D Food Junction Restaurant, if you are at Rohru or passing by. It was homely food served with love.
I thanked that Lady owner of this Restaurant and decided to stay at Chirgaon. It was just 17 kms from there.
Now I was riding along with beautiful Pabbar River with crystal clear water. Chirgaon was full of crowd and I could not locate any hotel near main road. So I decided to ride further towards Chanshal Pass. I reached Tikri Village and villagers told me that there are hotels at Larot Village.

But the road from Chirgaon onward was in very bad condition. There were lots of stones and pebbles on road. And the road is on ascending which makes riding difficult with the luggage. But there are apple gardens on both sides of road.

At 5.00PM, I saw a hotel on those bad roads. It was Khanan Homestay and Restaurant. I was at Shiladesh Village under Larot Tehsil.

I got one double bed room for Rs.700. It is better to stay here at this hotel, if you want to visit Chanshal Pass. Two wheelers can park inside hotel but four wheelers needs to park on road only. But you will be staying near apple gardens where you can see and touch apples.

Owner Mr Balawant Khanan is a very good person and owns majority of apple gardens in that area. He has an apple processing unit with lots of staffs. He has a big house nearby and few four wheelers also. This hotel has an essential shop also in hotel premises. The entire hotel and kitchen is managed by one person from Nepal only.

And important thing is that, Chanshal Pass is only 17 kms from this place.

This was my dinner for the day at 8.30PM.

This was my ride map of the Day.

Coming up… NEXT… Chanshal Pass (At 12303 feet, Highest Place of Shimla District).

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I also had this bad experience with oyo in kolhapur and made payment via CC in 2019 June and still waiting for refund. Also, most of the hotels if you pre book go with pay at hotel option.

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Still Learning ©
I also had this bad experience with oyo in kolhapur and made payment via CC in 2019 June and still waiting for refund. Also, most of the hotels if you pre book go with pay at hotel option.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
@harshad.bondre ji.
OYO 's price per room and there price per room is having huge difference.
And Oyo not paying them their dues also.
Hence they stop honoring booking via OYO.

This was told to me by Hotel Cafe Haat owner.

You can lodge a complain in Police Station if oyo is not refunding your 10 months old payment.