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21.9.2019 & 22.9.2019

Day 19 = Ambala to New Delhi & via train to Cuttack,

(Including PROCEDURE to Carry Your Bike in Train)

Total 219 Kms + 30 Kms

Ride time 7:00AM to 12:30 PM.

Today was last day of my ride. My train was at 5PM from New Delhi but I had to load my bike as luggage at Parcel Office at New Delhi Railway Station. So I planned to reach parcel office by noon. I had done same during my Ladakh ride in 2014 also.
I was ready to ride at 7AM.
There are many options for breakfast en route. I stopped at Oasis Fast Foods at Karnal for breakfast.

This was my breakfast for the day.

I topped up petrol of Rs.50 only as I will need to empty my bike’s tank at Station.
I reached Parcel office at 11.50AM. Laxmi Narayan and Pradeep Kumar are two genuine packers outside New Delhi Railway Station Parcel Office. On 4th September I had kept my packing materials with them, when I reached at Delhi from Bhubaneswar in train. They remembered me also. They have everything ready including pipe to empty your fuel tank.

I removed my mirrors and kept shoes, helmet, riding jacket, guard etc inside foldable nylon bag. They charged Rs.200 for packing my bike.

Now I have got three luggages to carry in train. After packing I took my bike to marker person inside.

Procedure to carry bike in train….

1) Carry all bike papers i.e. RC, Insurance, PUC etc (Both Original and photocopy)

2) Carry your id proof such as DL, Voter Card etc. including Aadhaar Card (Both Original and photocopy). You will need to mention Aadhaar card number in form.

3) Try to calculate fuel in your fuel tank and carry bike as you will have to empty to fuel tank and burn fuel in carburetor. They will start it and check.

4) Reach Parcel office at least 4-5 hours early or one day before, in case of start of journey.

5) You can carry your bike as luggage or as parcel. Carrying bike as luggage is costly by around Rs.500 but your bike will travel in same train with you. You will get delivery as soon as you reach destination station. Luggage parcel are delivered 24 hours. But if you carry bike as parcel then charges are less. But it won’t travel in your train and it may take more days to reach destination.
So it is advisable to carry bike as luggage. You will have to show and mention PNR number of same train.

6) There are many packers outside Parcel office who have packing materials and They charge around Rs. 200 to 300 for packing. It is advisable to carry an old note book’s card board to be tied with bike. You will have to write your name, Train number and date, contact number on it and stitch it on head lamp. If you carry old white plastic cement bag or old white plastic cloth packing material, they you will have more bargain power. I had taken two big plastic packing materials from a cloth wholesale merchant. I had also taken some used packing bike material from Triumph showroom.

7) After packing bike, you will need to fill a form with some details and submit it at Parcel booking counter. This form will be available at Parcel office counter. Parcel counter clerk will punch details in computer online and tell you the amount to be paid. It can be paid via debit card or cash. In my case it was Rs.2600 with money receipt. He will give you a paper which you will need to give at the destination station.
This is how I filled up mine that form.

8) Then go to marker man or counter. He will write on your packed bike. (Bribe Rs.50/=)

9) Then find out which porter or coolie will carry your bike till parcel van of the train. In my case a porter named Pradip was there. I promised him Rs.200 to load my bike in train. In Bhubanewar Station there is an association of coolie and they charge Rs.150 unofficially, as donation to union.

10) Wait near your bike till the train comes and your bike is loaded inside. They will keep bike in side stand inside luggage van.

11) After reaching destination station go to luggage van, which will be last or first in serial. Porters will carry your bike till parcel office.

12) Show the consignment paper and take delivery of your bike. Remove packing and fill fuel and ride.

All process took 3 hours. At 3.00PM, I was waiting near luggage van with luggage and my packed bike was near me only.

I skipped my lunch and had amul cool and some biscuits at railway platform.

Then the train came at 4.30PM, and there were too many parcels to be loaded. I was wondering how they will keep my bike inside luggage van. But they managed it somehow.
At 5.00Pm my train journey started.

22.9.2019 :-

I crossed Cuttack Railway Station at 4.50PM on next day. I reached Bhubanewar Station at 5.30PM. I had requested my friend SAMBIT KAR to come and help me to take my bike out of parcel office.
I immediately went to luggage van and this is how my bike was kept. Fully packed and surrounded with parcels.

But not a single part of my bike was damaged. With help of Sambit Kar, I took delivery of my bike and removed packing materials.

This is me and Sambit, both happy to see my journey about to be completed.

Yes, journey about to be completed….not fully completed.
I will have to tie my luggage again on bike and ride 30kms more to reach my home at Cuttack.
I thanked Sambit for the help.

This was last selfie of this ride of 2996 kms and 19 days.

At 7.20Pm, I reached my home and was greeted by supportive wife BINA.

I gave her apples of Himachal and divine water from Chandratal.

These are the things I bought from my journey.
1) Pure water from Chandra Tal.
2) Some fresh apples
3) Dried apple slices from Bhadrewah
4) Lots of memories and stories.

This was my route map for 21.9.2020 and 22.9.2020.

This is how my SOLO of 19 days and 2996 kms came to end. I had experienced many new things in this ride. I learned how to come out of trouble & keep cool in case of difficulties. I am more confident man after this ride. I have discovered a new person in me.

And my belief in GOD has increased more in this ride. HE always kept me out of trouble, always gave me solutions, and showed me way out.
I saw GOD in many helpful humans also in many places.

Lastly we all must respect Mother Nature and keep it alive.

I have uploaded around 1770+ pictures in this travelogue, enjoy them and refresh page if they are not fully loaded.
I am very much thankful to my wife BINA SHETH (Tarot Reader, Crystal Healer, Reiki Healer, Intuitive Guide & Life Coach ) for supporting and encouraging me.

And my advice to all riders:-
Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly. [-X
√ There is always someone who cares for you without your knowledge. :-k
While riding keep your family members and friends in mind, & do not take unnecessary risk. [-X
√ Ride with proper protective riding gears
. [-o<

Thanks you all for encouraging and appreciating me. :mrgreen:=D>

GOD BLESS you ALL. Keep Riding and RIDE SAFE. :prayer:


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21.9.2019 & 22.9.2019

Day 19 = Ambala to New Delhi & via train to Cuttack,

(Including PROCEDURE to Carry Your Bike in Train)

Total 219 Kms + 30 Kms

Ride time 7:00AM to 12:30 PM.

I reached Parcel office at 11.50AM. Laxmi Narayan and Pradeep Kumar are two genuine packers outside New Delhi Railway Station Parcel Office.

What are Contact Numbers of these persons at New Delhi Railway Station ?
Ajmeri Gate side ?

Please post separately in the thread :



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This travelogue started on 1.12.2019 and ended today on 10.4.2020.


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Great log - inspiration to us.=D>

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This travelogue started on 1.12.2019 and ended today on 10.4.2020.

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