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Day 4

Dalhousie to Bhaderwah

Total 169 kms

Today I was ready to ride at 6.45AM. My target was to reach Bhaderwah before sunset. The condition of road was also not known to me. I informed my family that my mobile will not work as soon as I enter Jammu & Kashmir due to Government restrictions after Article 370 matter. There was no internet also. I told them I will contact them from local phone/mobile after reaching Bhaderwah. I had prepaid BSNL with me, which does not work in J&K.

I crossed Banikhet and took first break at 7.30 AM.

After that it started to drizzle at bit, but I continued riding. I stopped at a road side eatery for breakfast.

A lady runs this eatery and I had Alu Paratha with Dahi there.

I rode further ahead to reach Chamera Lake.

It was 8.40 AM but there were lots of cloud there.

Previously vehicles were not allowed on dam and one had to take 6 kms long route to cross the Chamera dam. But now vehicles are allowed on dam.

The Chamera Dam impounds the River Ravi and it is a hydroelectricity project.
The dam was above clouds. And view was breathtaking due to clouds below dam.

But the water of Ravi River was not clear before dam. There were lots of wood etc floating there.

Due to morning time and lots of clouds around, view was very nice.

I stop again to click this beautiful view.

There was a diversion due to landslide. And then I crossed dam. I stopped to get view of river below and above. There was a tunnel just after crossing Chamera Dam. I would have come via tunnel if vehicles were not allowed on dam. But just to feel the tunnel I entered in.

And then came out after clicking pictures.

I reached Koti Bridge at around 9.55 AM. But did not cross it, instead rode ahead towards Salooni.

I did to cross the bridge and went riding ahead towards Salooni. With lots of clouds, River Ravi was looking nice.

And then ascend started.

I stopped again at 10.45 AM to enjoy the natural beauty.

I was now much up on hill than River Ravi and the view below was great.

Lush green mountains below with clouds and River Ravi on far was looking astonishing.

Just around Salooni, there were lots of Apple Gardens. I felt happy to see lots of apples on trees near road. At around 11.20 AM, I stopping near one apple garden.

Workers were waiting on road after plucking apples.

They were pouring plucked apples to sort them size wise.


Since I was looking at them and clicking pictures, they gave me 4-5 apples as gift. They asked me about my ride and my plans. They told me that road ahead will not be good.
I stopped again to click this picture at 12.10pm.

There was a school below and lots of children were playing there.

After that bad road started which continued till Padri Pass. I think at least 20-25 kms road is very bad here.

Again I stopped at 1.25 PM for clicking pictures.

This patch was total off road and I could ride only at a speed of 20-30 kmph. There were very few vehicles on that road.

There was a check post and they asked for my RC book and other identity papers. They entered my and bike’s details in register. Perhaps I was nearing Jammu & Kashmir.

Suddenly good road started and I was at Padri Pass at 1.40 PM.

It was tar road now onward and lots of lush green hills around.

Padri Pass was my second mountain pass of this ride and it was at 10400 feet.

Cows and buffaloes were grazing on green hills nearby and it was a pleasant site.

I reached near some dhabas near top.

The enchanting Padri Pass or Padri Galli or Padri Top which connects Chamba in Himachal Pradesh with Bhaderwah in the Jammu Division of Jammu and Kashmir at around 10400 feet.

Padri Pass is the highest point of the Chamba Bhaderwah Highway.

This is view towards Bhaderwah from Padri Pass.

I climbed the mountain of Padri Pass to get better views around.

Also clicked few pictures of mine at Padri Pass for memories.

I was admiring the views around and clicking pictures.

This road goes towards Bhaderwah. Can you spot my bike?

My bike can be seen just near my right shoulder.

And one short video on Padri Top.


It was 2.15 PM then, I was feeling hungry. I went to dhabas there but lunch was not available there. They only had fried food and magi. I also asked how tourist will come to know that this place is PADRI PASS? There is nothing mentioned here and there are no sing boards. They showed me this and told that find word PADRI on that sign board.

I decided to have apples gifted to me at Salooni and some biscuits for lunch.

I clicked some more pictures there.

There were a group of local families there at dhaba. I borrowed Himachali Cap and clicked a selfie.

At around 2.40 pm, I started riding on descend towards Bhaderwah.

I must mention that my Moto X4 mobile had dual camera for wide angle and it captures DSLR like pictures in HDR mode.

See above two pictures, second one is from mobile.

At around 3.30PM, I was nearing Bhaderwah and this is how Padri top looks from there.

I had list of hotels for stay at Bhaderwah with me. I visited 2-3 and decided to stay at
Hotel Ashapati View. This hotel had good parking, Veg food and good views also. It is just opposite of new bus stand. I paid Rs. 500 for room rent.

After uploading my luggage, at 5 pm I went to see famous places inside Bhaderwah. First I visited Gupt Ganga.

This is Gupt Ganga Temple of Bhaderwah.

And this is water stream looks from Gupt Ganga.

Inside temple I saw this information.

There is a story about Pandavas coming here and staying here. There is a pugmark of Bheem inside a cave of Temple.

ShivaLinga of Lord Shiva is there. I prayed for my family and offered water.

This was inside another cave.

Water that comes from this Temple’s cave is called Gupt Ganga and that mixes with water stream.

Another view of Gupt Ganga Temple.

Next, I visited Vasuki Nag Temple near Main Market and old bus stand.

This is very old temple also.

Lastly I visited Chandi Mata Temple.

This temple is on a hill and can be seen from every place of Bhaderwah.

Temple has rooms for stay also. But due to restrictions after Article 370, nobody was allowed to stay as temporary measure.

There were lots of Army personnel inside town and at every important place of Bhaderwah, including Chandi Mata Temple, Vasuki Nag Temple and Gupt Ganga.
I had to identify myself before Army man at many places.

After that I came back to
Hotel Ashapati View and washed my bike. This hotel is run by a family who stayed behind hotel. Entire family is very helpful and cooperative. I talked to owner and his son about my ride and general situation there after removal of Article 370. I also used their phone to talk with my family.

This was my dinner.

This was my map for the Day.

Coming up …NEXT …. Bhaderwah to Kishtwar via Chinta Valley, Jai Valley, Doda pul, & Evening at Kishtwar Ground.

HERE for next update.
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In love with mountains
Amazing photos. Great going. Heaving huge sighs as we could not go there. I envy you - nothing I can do about it.

One question - as per my understanding, you did not cross Koti bridge and, keeping the bridge and the river on right, you moved ahead. Am I right?


Still Learning ©
Amazing photos. Great going. Heaving huge sighs as we could not go there. I envy you - nothing I can do about it.

One question - as per my understanding, you did not cross Koti bridge and, keeping the bridge and the river on right, you moved ahead. Am I right?
Thanks @mousourik ji....
There is always a next time.
And yes you are correct, I went ahead without crossing Koti Bridge , towards Salooni.
Ravi River was on my right.


Still Learning ©
This was my map for the Day.

Where are Surangni Images ?
Which Turn ?
Can you specify ?
Clicked any ?
I did not go to Surangani , as just after Koti Bridge diversion , the straight road goes to Salooni. After riding for 10 kms , there is a cross road at MANJIR. From Manjir if you go right then Surangani comes ,(road name is Chamba Surangani Road),...
and if you go left then Salooni come. (road name is Bhaderwah Chamba Road).
I don't have pics of MANJIR.


And this is the diversion in Google MAP