Ride to Mysuru, Nilgiris and a visit to KMF hospital.

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15th January 2020 Wednesday

We were ready by 7.15 am and while we were loading the bike, the KMF hospital support staff Mr John Moses who was from Vellore told us to visit the old cow shed clinic which is now maintained as a museum. We obliged and we visited.


Cowshed clinic from inside


With the KMF hospital support staff, John Moses.

We started and headed towards Mettupalayam. we told each other wherever a good simple vegetarian hotel was spotted that we would stop and have breakfast. We reached Mettupalayam and turned towards Sathiamangalam. Paul filled petrol at HP petrol bunk and we were riding at a constant speed of 80km/hr.
There was a religious procession and people were dancing while others cooling the road with splashing water on it. Some of them in blue colour attire was whipping their body with whips blended with small knives. The bodies were bleeding with flesh wounds. Seen in other faiths too.


Religious procession near Sathiamangalam


Cooling the road with a water hose - Religious procession near Sathiamangalam


Bleeding on the chest (man in the centre) - Religious procession near Sathiamangalam


Traditional Tamil culture of kolam art after splashing cow dung in the house front.
Traditional Tamil culture of kolam art after splashing cow dung in the house front is less seen these days with urbanisation. The cow dung mixed with water was used in village houses to keep the surrounding ground space near the house clean. The mud floored houses in the villages used to get a coat of cow dung too. The high amount of neonatal tetanus infection reduced with the reduction of this practice in the villages. Science apart, it definitely brought the aroma of the village life to reminisce.

We had breakfast of poori at a vegetarian restaurant near Sathiamangalam and also had Parotta as it was freshly made. Never knew at that time it would upset our stomach.

Copy of IMG_20200115_092525.jpg

Krithika hotel - Breakfast at Sathiamangalam


Breakfast at Sathiamangalam
Somewhere before Mettur, I took a break to the restroom at a Reliance petrol bunk. Filled petrol of 10 litres and started towards Mettur.
We reached Mettur and took some snaps stopping at the bridge.


At Mettur, the dam is behind us.


The Mettur dam at 300mm zoom


Mettur hydroelectric power station
We stopped for a tea break after Mettur and just before Dharmapuri. The ride was a little boring till Krishnagiri. Paul wanted to break for lunch at Krishnagiri but there were no good restaurants on the Krishnagiri Vellore road. So we moved a little further and much before Ambur we saw a star biriyani outlet and we stopped for lunch.

Copy of IMG_20200115_153955.jpg

Ambur famous Star Biriyani way before Ambur from Krishnagiri.
Paul had to use the restroom and we delayed a little bit after lunch. It was in a way good for us to kill the road rage which was set in and also helped to avoid the hot sun. we started around 3.30 from there and reached Vellore around 4.30 pm. We stopped and said bye to each other. I thanked God for a safe and wonderful trip and reached home by 5.00 pm.

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End of the trip Odometer reading 46,892 km.

Screenshot_2020-01-15 wednesday.jpg

The GPS map for 15 Jan 2020​
Ride Statistics

Riders: Paul


Bikes: Hero Honda CD 100

RE Classic 350 (CL3)

Total Km of the trip: 1221

Fuel consumed: 30 litres (CL3)

Repair/ flat tyre: Nil


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