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Day 1 = 27th March, 2018.

Cuttack to Barhi.

Total kms 605

Yesterday night, I packed up my luggage, tied flag on bike, lubricated chain and slept, but was eagerly waiting for morning alarm. I got up many times in mid night and checked time. Finally got up early morning and got ready. I was ready to leave after tying luggage on bike at 5.45 AM.

My first stop was at petrol pump to top up tank. Second stop was at Panikoli – Anandpur Toll Plaza at 7.30 AM. I was using fb messenger to update my position and uploading pictures there on my stops/breaks. One was updated to my family group and other one to xBhp:Bhubanswar group.

I had breakfast at Ghatgaon, which was not so good.
Then I crossed Keonjhar and took a short break near Jhumpura.

Road condition from start till Rimuli was excellent, all 4 lane roads.

From Rimuli road became 2 lanes. I crossed Jaintgarh, Haat Gamhariya, Jorapokhar & Chaibasa. From Chaibasa I took Chakradharpur road via Khunti & Ranchi. Both Chaibasa and Chakradharpur had little traffic jams. I had crossed Odisha and was riding in Jharkhand. I had to cross Saranda Singhbhum Forest Range , which had bad roads in many patches. It was 1 pm already and I was looking for lunch options.

At around .30pm I crossed Hirni Waterfall of Jharkhand.

Although these were hill areas, but there was too much temperature. I was drinking lots of water to keep me hydrated.

At around 2.PM , I found a dhaba “Panchghagh line hotel”. I decided to stop here and have lunch.

To my surprise, food was very tasty.

I crossed Khunti and was nearing Ranchi. Then I stopped at Usha Martin University, which was in premises of my friend Thomas.

I called my friend Thomas and told him that I reached to his property. He arranged cold drink etc there. I also enquired him about bypass road of Ranchi. After that break I again started for Ramgarh – Hazaribag at 3.30 PM.

Ranchi is a big city and it takes lots of time to cross it, even using bypass.

Heat and traffic both decreased my speed and I had to take breaks. This was at 4:30PM.

Going ahead I saw a sigh board of Tropic of Cancer – 100 meters ahead.

It was around 4.45PM, I was little happy to be present near Tropic of Cancer line.

I again stopped at Kark Rekha or Tropic of Cancer Line.

This line was prominently marked on road also.

As a memory I posed there also.

After that the roads were downhill only. At 5.40pm I took another short break.

There were lots of trucks now moving on these roads. My plan was to reach SherGhati near Gaya, which was again 140 kms from there. It was 6.15 pm by then.

There were long queues of trucks at Hazaribag bypass also. And there was road construction going on between Hazaribag and Barhi. I somehow crossed Hazaribag. Then after sunset I realized that my headlight had stopped working !!

This was a trouble for me. I inquired about local mechanic and came to know that there was one 4 kms ahead. I used my indicator light and somehow slowly managed to more ahead. As there was road construction going on it was difficult to locate mechanic garage. I was riding at a speed of 20 kmph due to no head light problem. After more search I found one mechanic.

I called my Cuttack mechanic about this problem in bike, but he did not pick up call. But by the Grace of God, this mechanic was also good one. He opened my head light unit and found that the earthing was damaged and hence the head light stopped working. He could fix this problem in half an hour.

He asked me about my flag thing and where I was going. I told him about my ride and ride message. His house was next to his garage/shop only. He called his wife and small daughter and told them about me. I explained the necessity of educating girls in today’s life and both were very impressed and they told me that they will surely educate their girl.

He charged me Rs.50 only for this repair. After getting back on road, I realized that I should have taken a photo with his family.

While my bike was repaired, Siddhant Mishra called me from Bhubaneswar about my current position. I told him about my bike problem so that he can update my ride group. In case of any further bike issue, group would use their contacts to solve my bike problems or pull me out of any other issue.

I was again back on roads but riding slowly. Due to dark I was riding slowly at 40-50 kmph only. I am having difficulty riding on night time. If any light fall on me from opposite side vehicles , then I cannot see fully & my visibility reduced a lot. I somehow reached Barhi at 7.30PM. I searched for hotel for night stay with safe bike parking.
I stayed at Hotel Om Palace, Gaya Road, Barhi for Rs.600. Temperature had dropped at lot so I took non a/c room.
(This picture was clicked on next day morning)

The BSNL mobile signal is poor at Barhi. Internet was also working very slowly. I somehow contacted my wife and told her about bike problem and that I have stayed at Barhi now. I had dinner at a Dhaba roadside.

Total Ride for the day was 605 kms only. Whereas the planned target was of 660 km till Sherghati, Bihar. The problem in head light delayed me. I thought of making up this 55 kms shortfall of next day.

(This picture was clicked on next day morning)

My ride map for the day

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Gaurav Dutt

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Amazing energy sir !
hats off to your dedication.

waking up in the middle when the alarm was already set is something happens to every traveller...

way to go sir....
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Day 2 = 28th March, 2018

Barhi to Kanpur

Total 625 Kms

I started at around 6.45 AM. As per my original plan, I was to reach Etawah by the end of day 2. But I was short by 70 kms yesterday. So reaching Etawah would be possible only if I get good roads.

The road from Barhi onwards was GT Road & was very good 4 lane road. Now I needed to top up petrol. I crossed Chouparan and I saw an IOC petrol pump on left side, but since I was in speed I thought of filling in next petrol pump. I cross Falgu River Bridge and again saw an IOC fuel pump on left side at Barachatti. I was surprised to find two IOC pump in such short distance. I filled up petrol there. But to my shock, price was around Rs.5 more than Jharkhand. Previous petrol pump I missed was in Jharkhand and this one was in Bihar.

Traffic here onwards was very unpredictable. Many two wheelers were riding on wrong side with speed. So my speed reduced out of fear. I used to ride at 90+ kmph speed, but now after entering Bihar it was 60-70 kmph only due to unsystematic traffic.

At around 8.15 AM I again crossed Falgu River & right road ahead goes to Gaya/ Bodh Gaya.

I though it is good point to click a photo of mine also, keeping camera on mini tripod on barricade.

I crossed Sherghati and Aurangabad. Then came a bridge with lots of sand. It was bridge on Sone River near Dehri-on-sone. From the starting of this bridge the road conditional deteriorated. There were lots of tractors carrying sand and half of road was filled with sand they dropped. The road was filled with unregulated traffic and lots of sand. There was road widening and repairs going on till Handia(just before Allahabad bypass). I crossed Sasaram, Mohania & In between I took a short break these at around 11AM. Heat was increasing & I had to keep my Bandana wet to protect me from heat.

I crossed Chandauli and at around 12.45PM I was on Ganga Bridge of Varanasi.

I was able to see holiest river Ganga after a very long time.

I could see Varanasi City on the Banks of Ganga on my ride side.

I called up my daughters on FB messenger group chat and send them a video from that Ganga River Bridge.

Two local persons stopped near me to throw coin on river. I asked them to click a picture of mine there.

It was time taking crossing Varanasi bypass, which had lots of traffic. There was a big jam on a toll collection point. I took lunch on a road side dhaba.

Lots of trees were being cut for road widening between Varanasi to Allahabad bypass. Somehow I crossed those areas in that heat. I used to take breaks at Petrol pumps where I used to drink lots of water and kept my bandana wet.
Then I came on Allahadad bypass at 3.50 PM.

Kanpur was 241 kms far from here.

This Allahabad Bypass Expressway is of 82 kms long. I could ride again at a speed of 90+ kmph. But suddenly my bike’s fuel warning light started blinking. I was riding in reserve now. Due to heat and lots of traffic I forgot to fill petrol after lunch. To my surprise, there were NO Petrol pump on this Expressway Bypass on left side ie when you are going towards west towards Kanpur. But I found one after riding for 40 kms on right side. This was HPCL petrol pump, I had to cross road at broken barricade and go on wrong side to fill up petrol. Imagine if I had missed this petrol pump then there was no petrol pump for another 40 kms. That means I would have run out of petrol. Imagine pushing bike for even 10 kms on highway would be a big problem.

Anyway, then I crossed Fatehpur and by 7 PM I was nearing Kanpur. As it was dark already, I postponed my plan to reach Etawah and decided to stay at Kanpur only. I was riding on flyovers of Jhansi Kanpur Highway. My internet was not working since afternoon. I asked a two wheeler rider for any nearby hotel for night stay. He was helpful person and he rode with me for 4 kms to show me Hotel Manoj International on GT Road. I thanked him and inquired about rooms at hotel. It was a costly hotel and no rooms below Rs.2200 were available. I asked two persons coming out of hotel about room with less rent in nearby areas. They suggested me to ride further ahead for 4 kms till Kanpur Central Railway Station, there I will get lots of choice for hotels for night stay. I reached at Nehru Park Ghanta Ghar Chouraha and found “Hotel The Central Guest House”. I checked in there for Rs.660 only for a room with cooler. This is a spacious hotel for night stay on main area with lots of shops and eateries nearby.

I called up my wife and told about my night stay location after check in. There is a take away eatery just at entrance of Hotel Central Guest House. I ordered Kadhi-Rice Salad there and had a glass of lassi.

So total ride for the day was 625 kms only. I was now 162 kms short of my original plan. By tomorrow evening I should be with my daughter.

My ride map of the day.

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