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Day 4 = 30th March, 2018

Meeting dignitaries of Manipal University Jaipur, then to Sariska National Park.

Total kms (in taxi) = 136

I had plan of going to Sariska National Park for 2 days with my daughter on bike. But due to prevailing heat at Jaipur I changed plan and booked a cab for Sariska.

Before leaving Cuttack, I had contacted
Dr. Vandana Suhag, Registrar of Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ). After learning about message associated with my ride, she had invited me to meet her after reaching MUJ.

Today my daughter had class up to 11 AM, so I decided to move around campus, and then meet the dignitaries of MUJ. We had breakfast at mess & she went for her class.

I moved around campus and gathered some fact about MUJ.

This is official web page of MUJ
Top College in Jaipur, Best University in Rajasthan, India | Manipal University Jaipur

That’s me coming out of boys’ hostel area.

That’s my bike from Odisha parked along with many vehicles of Rajasthan.

YOHO hostel area of MUJ with a capacity of 7000 (5000+2000) student’s stay.

These hostels are opposite side of road with an underground passage. And on other side is Manipal University Jaipur.

This is iconic administrative building.

The MUJ Academic and Administrative buildings have been awarded 5-Star ratings by GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) making it the First University in the country to receive this honour.

Manipal University Jaipur campus awarded LEED INDIA- PLATINUM rating for Energy Conservation and Environment Design. It has 850 KW solar power.

Entire campus is covered with wifi and it is 122 acre modern green campus.

Entire education area is having a ethnic look and design

And entire campus is well maintained.

It gives altogether different feeling there.

There is a different entrance for administrative building with our National Flag.

There is a big library of 4000 square feet and it is completely air conditioned.

This library has about 35000 books, 1500 CDs/DVDs and subscribes to more than 250 journals/magazines in print and e-resources with many multimedia PCs.

The main dome of administrative building is having a big dome and there is a board room there.

I went at reception area of Board Members and told about my wish to meet
Dr. Vandana Suhag, Registrar at MUJ and Dr. G K. Prabhu, President at MUJ. They told me to wait for a hour as there was a meeting going on.

My daughter
Neha Sheth also came there after finishing her classes. We went to see the Board Room.

It was very modern and sophisticated.

After that we waited there for another one & half hour and finally we were called by
Dr. Vandana Suhag at 12.45PM. She appreciated my ride and conveyed her good wishes. She is very helpful person. She called students of Journalism and mass Communication to have media coverage of mine. She also offered me and my daughter tea and snacks.

Then we informed her that we wanted to meet Dr.G.K.Prabhu also. Dr Prabhu is very popular among students. In fact he is all rounder and is a living legend.

Dr. Vandana Suhag personally took us to Dr Prabhu and introduced us. We were very happy to meet him.

He inquired about my ride and message associated. He also appreciated my ride and conveyed his good wishes. I told him about my ride to Manipal, Karnataka in 2013, when he was Dean there at MIT, Manipal University, Manipal, Karnataka. We took this picture as our moments. Dr.G.K.Prabhu is a great personality.

Above picture was shared by Dr.G.K.Prabhu on his popular FaceBook page/id. And it was liked by many & Time of India newspaper noticed it and took my interview on very next day.

Then we met Prof K. Ramanarayan, Chairperson of MUJ also.

Dr. Vandana Suhag called up
Dr. Ramesh Kumar Rawat Sir and his students of Journalism and mass communication for interview of mine and media coverage.

Then I met with
Dr Ramesh Kumar Rawat , Associate Professor at Department of Journalism and mass communication at MUJ. He took my interview.

Dr Rawat Sir is the main person behind all these media coverage of this ride. He is very simple, down to earth and helpful person.

There was also a short interview of my daughter Neha Sheth. Here are her views on my ride in short clips.

I wanted to click few pictures of me and my bike with background of iconic building of MUJ. Dr Vandana Madam gave us permission for that.

After that there was a small video shoot also as a part of interview. That showed me and my daughter entering MUJ on bike. Here are three short video clips.

Some memorable pictures were clicked there.

Some more happy moments with my daughter there.

Happy father and daughter.

And this was my favorite pose showing my ride mission.

And this pictures was published in Times of India, also became my FB cover picture.

Another one with India’s Flag

Yet another signature pose there.

Few more before leaving for Sariska.

Then we had lunch at MUJ mess & went to Sterling Resort at Sariska National Park by hiring a cab. It was a wise decision as temperature was very high there, & I did not want my daughter to be in bike during heat wave.

We checked in at Resort. There were lots of peacock around. We were hoping to see a tiger on next day morning during jungle safari at
Sariska Tiger Reserve.
There was this photo in our room, which gave us hope for tomorrow.

This was our travel map for the day.

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A very noble & inspiring deed, indeed! You have certainly given the best motivation for your daughter to ‘never say never’ in her life ahead.

Hats off to you, sir & wishing you many, many more miles of safe rides.

- When life throws you a curve, lean into it -


Still Learning ©
A very noble & inspiring deed, indeed! You have certainly given the best motivation for your daughter to ‘never say never’ in her life ahead.

Hats off to you, sir & wishing you many, many more miles of safe rides.

- When life throws you a curve, lean into it -
Thank you @menon74 ji for the appreciation.

Pardeep Dhounchak

जाट देवता ने कहा है : घुमक्कड़ी किस्मत से मिलती है
Thats another gr8 work done by you
You both feel tearful proud to each other and also some tears in readers eyes:prayer::prayer::prayer::prayer: