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You are such an inspiration. Not only did you take on the journey all by yourself, but your love for your daughters is truly moving. I love the face that all of this was with a strong purpose. Joy of Giving + Educate Girl Child. Kudos to you sir!


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Day 5 = 31st March, 2018 = Sariska National Park

Inside Sariska National Park

Today we went inside Sariska National Park with a hope to sight a tiger.

We had booked entry ticket earlier via this online link of Rajasthan Forest Department.

Entry timings of Sariska National Park changes according to season. We reached at the post at 6.30 AM. There was long queue for off line booking. But online booking had 4-5 persons. We were ready with a Gypsy at 7 AM. A guide also accompanied us.

This was a map outside ticket counter.

During summers chances of sighting animal increases. We both were very positive about sighting Tiger.

We sighted many peacocks just behind entry gate.

Our Gypsy driver was a local man and he said that he has report of a tiger in a core area. There are 3 routes inside Sariska. We went in route 2. I was wearing a t-shirt showing picture of tiger for fun.

We started roaming inside silently. At 7.50 am we saw first animal, it was a Nilgai.

This was jungle route.

Out driver pointed us at pugmarks of a tiger, which might have passed from this place in morning.

But tiger’s pugmarks were showing a different direction than we were driving. So we changed our route again in same core area.

Going ahead we saw a skin of snake.

I asked driver if we could take this and had over at Entry point. He said getting down from Gypsy is not allowed and also you cannot take anything from this protected forest. Forest guards might take this with them afterwards.

We again started following pugmarks of that tiger, but very slowly moving ahead.

Those pugmarks going towards an artificial water pond, which was made for forest department. We saw an eagle there.

Also saw a rabbit moving there.

We waited there for sometime and then moved ahead.

Entire forest was dry like and not much greenery around. Some Bird was there on one tree.

Still we were hopeful of tiger sighting.

We spotted some Nilgai ahead.

There were many deer ahead near a watch tower.

Peacocks, Monkeys and Deer were found together there.

Peacocks were shying away from us.

I think our presence had disturbed some animals that started running there.

But some were calm

Moving ahead saw some more Nilgais...

And some deer.

Animals camouflage themselves sometimes.

But some can’t due to their beauty like this peacock.

We came out at main route which leads to Hanuman Temple of Pandupole. There were many vehicles but peacocks were not disturbed due to that.

They might be getting some food from tourists and hence there were many peacocks there.

It was like eyes candy to see those beauties.

Suddenly saw a peacock dancing.

He realized that we all were looking at him.

Moving ahead we went to see a big pond. There were many animals there like crocodile, pigs, peacock etc

Our guide took a picture of ours with Gypsy.

It was around 9.45 am, we did not saw any tiger. So we decided of going back to the place where we saw pugmarks of tiger. It was right decision as we met Forest guards cum tiger trackers on motorcycle.

They told us that as per tracking set there is one tiger behind that water pond. So we went there and waited for tiger to come out.

After waiting for some time, we decided to come out as heat was increasing due to harsh sunlight. We could not spot any tiger … sad.
We saw a hunting palace of King, which is now a resort.

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.... continued.

At 10.30 AM we were back to Sterling Sariska Resorts

It is a well maintained resort with good staff.

We had some fun time at pool.

There is a good restaurant there….

…With good food at buffet lunch.

In between I got an email from Sri G.K. Prabhu Sir (President at Manipal University Jaipur) that he wants my mobile number. He had posted few pictures of mine in his FB page mentioning about my ride from Odisha to Rajasthan. That created ripples and Mr. Kevin Mendonsa of Times of India wanted to talk to me.

I received a call and an interview was taken over phone. And on next day I was on THE TIMES OF INDIA news paper.

This is E-LINK of TOI.

Father rides 1,800 km to meet his daughter with a message 'Save Daughters, Educate Daughters' - Times of India

Though we could not spot any tiger inside Sariska National Park, but then also we were happy to spent quality time together. I was happy to see my daughter happy.

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