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Day 6 = 1st April, 2018

Sariska National Park to Manipal University Jaipur.

Total kms (in taxi) = 181

The morning at Sariska was not calm. I could feel the sound of different birds in surround effects. Our room was just opposite swimming pool. I was feeling the place there at around 6:30 AM.

There were many peacocks around.

The amount of crows we found in Odisha can be equal to peacocks we found in Sariska and around Sterling Resorts.

They were eating the food left around the dinner tables of some guests.

There is a pond behind the resort. We wanted to visit it yesterday night. But resort people did not allow us to go out from resort in night. So in the morning we went there and found only peacocks. We met two three villagers going inside forest area. We talked with them and found out that there is a forest off road going towards a place called Udaynathji Dhaam. It was around 2 km off road with lots of stones and dry patch of forest.

We came back via kitchen area of Sterling Resorts and many bikes of staff parked there. I requested to lend me a bike for an hour on rent. One Mr. Laxman Prasad agreed and we were on bike towards Udaynathji Dhaam Temple. But we could not arrange helmets. So we rode very slowly and carefully enjoying the natural beauty of forest.

We had to cross a dry river full on stones.

This is entry of Udaynathji Dhaam Temple.

There is also a pond near entrance.

There is also ashram there. People say that during past wild animals used to come here and sit near baba of Ashram.
Entrance is made such that you need to bend and then only enter there. They say you need to bend and leave your ego to enter a temple.

Some pictures of Udaynathji Dhaam…..

We met with two young boys who roam around in forest and collect peacock feathers.

I requested them for pictures with feathers.

They said they collect it from forest and sell them in nearby villages.

I also bought one from them out of bunch.

Some more pictures of Udaynathji Dhaam.

There was a king of peace in that area. It looked like an oasis of desert.

We spend some time there and around 9.45 AM we left for Resort via same forest off route.

We reach back resort and on the way we saw some NilGais and few birds.

At around 1.30 we had lunch at Resort.

We left the Sterling Resort at 2PM and took this picture near reception area.

We reached Manipal University Jaipur Campus at 5 PM. I was little worried about my bike as it was parked in open area of road. But my bike was safe there.

We went around University and nearby areas on bike. As the light was perfect we took some pictures near Main Building.

Evenings are cool at Jaipur compared to day time. We went to McDonald’s’, which is on Jaipur Ajmer Highway.

For dinner, we invited all close friends of my daughter
Neha for a treat. Some could attend it despite their study time.
Ishika Kanoi , Hridaya Kumari , Amruta Patil & Rohan Agarwal attended it.

After that I went to sleep early as I need to get up early to ride back to Cuttack.

Second phase of my journey was to start tomorrow.
I studied maps before sleeping and planned my night stay Cities. I tried to keep a gap of 600 kms between each night stay City. Coming back could be easier as I will cross heat wave patch of Rajasthan & Agra early.

This was our drive map for the day.

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