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Day 7 = 2nd April, 2018

Manipal University Jaipur to Fatehpur

Total Kms = 679

So the time came when I had to leave my daughter NEHA at Manipal University Jaipur and ride back to Cuttack. It was around 6.30 AM, I packed my luggage on bike.

I can make out from her face that she was sad.

Even I was feeling sad, but had leave for Cuttack. Memories were created.

Now second half of my ride had started. I had to reach Cuttack safely.

It was around 6.45 AM, and I started for Cuttack on my bike, leaving her at MUJ to learn & grow in life. I was satisfied that I have kept her at proper institute for study.

Since I could not anything inside Jaipur City and I was on time, I decided to visit Hawa Mahal and pink city area. It was only 3-4 kms from highway. It was morning time and roads were empty. I reached Hawa Mahal at 7.30 AM only.

It was morning time and very few people around. I must say that Tourism Department had maintained Hawa Mahal’s beauty.

I was feeling proud to pose bike with Odisha’s number plate at Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Took a small video there…

And a last pictures of myself there with bike. And ready to leave for Agra and beyond.

It was known road now onwards. I planned to have lunch at Agra and then ride vie express highway. During morning there was not much heat and due to that I could ride with very few stoppages.
I had breakfast on the way in an eatery. It was Pakoudas and lassi.

Then I took next break here at 10:30 am.

Agra was 119 kms away.

And Bharatpur was 65 kms away.

But God had different plan for me. Remember on 2nd April 2018 there was Bharat Bandh !!
I did not knew this when I started. But around Bharatpur there were huge rallies and protest on highways. Blue flags everywhere, protesting against a Supreme Court view.

(these are some pictures from newspapers of next day)

I crossed Bharatpur with some difficulty.

But main problem was in Agra. There was huge crowd everywhere on road with tyre burning, road blocked and what not.

I tried to reach at Agra Lucknow Express highway but could not. I tried to go via Bichpuri, Malpura and Rohta side, but had to come back.

Big trucks were forcefully parked in such a way that even bike could not cross the road. Protestors with blue flags were everywhere and all shops were closed.
I stopped at an eatery at Rohta area. I had lunch there. I informed my wife about this problem. I thought of staying back at Agra and start riding next day.
Looking at Google Maps, I could see another state road with goes via Shamsabad, Fatehabad , Bah, Kachoura and Etawah. From Etawah I can join my originally planned route. I talked with that eatery owner about the condition of this route. He gave me positive signal.

So I decided to ride on this new unplanned route.

To my surprise this state road was in very good condition. I could ride speedily here also. I stopped at around 2:00pm for a short break. Bah was 47 kms from here.

Riding further ahead, Fatehabad was having a traffic jam due to small roads inside town and parking on road. I reached Bah at 2:45 pm and had two glass of sugarcane juice. It was very tasty.

At 3:20 pm I took a small break near Kachoura. From here Etawah was 22 kms far.

Took another break here at 4:00pm, Kanpur was 157 kms away from here.

Yet another beat here at 5:40 pm and Kanpur was another 39 kms away.

Then I crossed Kanpur very easily and entire Highway had flyovers inside Kanpur. No traffic problem at all on those roads.

I took a break at 6.45 Pm between Kanpur and Fatehpur.

I was late but riding as per plan from Etawah onwards. I could reach Fatehpur at around 8:15PM.
Total kms covered was 679 kms for the day. This was highest in my entire ride of NEHAsthan.

This was my rough ride map.

I had dinner at Hotel Vishesh of Fatehpur. Talked with family and informed them about my whereabouts.
Next day I will be getting some bad & under construction roads, starting from Allahabad, Varanasi , Sasaram to Dehri-on-sone. As I was riding second time on these roads, I was mentally prepared.

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