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Day 8 = 3rd April, 2018

Fatehpur to Hazaribag

Total 585 KMS

Today I was aware that I had to cross bad/under construction roads around Varanasi. To be specific it will be from Handia (just after Allahabad bypass) till Dehri on sone. So I wanted to cover it as early as possible.

I took first break at RamJi Hotel for breakfast at 7.45 AM.

In the morning time GT Road was looking great. Varanasi was another 170 kms from there.

At 10.45 AM took another break. The GT Road was much better than expected this time.
Varanasi was 37 kms ahead.

Then I crossed Varanasi bypass and was on Holy Ganga Bridge at 11.15 AM.

There was less traffic on road than I expected.

River Ganga was looking stunning from that bridge.

There was too much sunlight but not that heat of Rajasthan.

I also took a short video on my mobile there.

As petrol would be costlier in Bihar, I topped up petrol at a fuel pump ahead. I could get cold water in almost all petrol pumps specially those of IOC.

At around 2 PM, I stopped for lunch. That’s me as seen from helmet visor.

I had rice curd for lunch.

Again took a short break just before Aurangabad at 3PM

Gaya was 94kms from here. My target was to ride till Ramgarh before Ranchi.

I crossed Barhi at around 5 PM. I had a glass of juice there. There is road construction going on between Barhi and Hazaribag. I crossed Hazaribag but after that I had it was difficult for me to ride after sunset.

My plan was to ride up to Ramgarh, but I decided to stay at Hazaribag only. Suddenly I saw a hotel cum Banquet hall on left side. I turned back and enquired about night stay. I got a decent room there. The name of the place is
NANDAGAON Highway Delight Veg Restaurant & Lodging. I would highly recommend this place for food and night stay.

The manager was very helpful along with all staff there. Owner came to know about my ride and its purpose from them. He instructed them to take good care of me. I had garlic naan & paneer sabji along with a glass of milk.

Food was very good. They make paneer from their own dairy.
I called up home and informed about my change in plan for night stay.

Total ride for the day was 585 kms.

This was my ride map for the day.

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Gaurav Dutt

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Amazing updates sir...
Going back to, from where you started is a little disappointing. Correct?

I wish you do many more rides like this. Simply outstanding stuff.