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  1. Mallapa Konda Hills
  2. Rajampet
  3. Burgur Hills (Video)
  4. Burgur Hills
  5. Gulmohar Trails

Mallapa Konda Hill

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First bike ride of 2022. Almost 2 months since the last ride, I wanted to do a short day ride.

Surfing the google maps, I saw this hilly area near the border of KA, TN and AP. Zooming in, found this hill with a temple on top. Road looked good, so decided to ride out.

Started out on first light. It was colder than usual. I wondered whether it would have been a better idea to wear something warmer under the riding jacket.

At Chikka Tipupathi, I turned towards the Malur-Bagalur highway. Road was pretty bad. Then at Bagalur I turned towards Kuppam.

I had purposefully chosen the backroads instead of the highway, because that's where the fun of riding is. And backroads have a lot of character compared to the highways.

The road first goes though rural villages and fields. In between there are stretches of forest land.

The morning was overcast and it was much later in the day that the sun would come out. Out there among the fields and forests, I encountered occasional patches of fog.

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At Kamandoddi, stopped for tea. Strong tea boiled many times over was refreshing.

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For small towns and villages, Sunday is a day of festivities. I have often seen chicken, mutton and fish shops aggressively displaying their wares to garner more sales. Here too, the fish vendor across from the tea shop was doing brisk business.

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After Veppanapalli, I turned left towards Kuppam. The forest got better and the road narrower.

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The road also gained some altitude. Lush green vegetation brightly lit by sun playing hide and seek with the clouds. It was a sight to behold.

Just after the village of Sanganapalli, a side road leads up to the Mallapa Konda Hill.

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The small section of ghats roads was fun to drive. Road condition was excellent and one can enjoy the surrounding rather than focus on pot holes in the road.

As one goes up the hill, the view becomes better. In the picture above, the Tri-State border point is about two thirds of the way from left.

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On the other side of all Karnataka. Top of the hill provides a view of both side of the hills.

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Unfortunately the top of the hill was a disappointment. The entrance to the temple and surroundings were full of litter. It was as if the entire village's garbage was dumped there.

Took a picture and started riding down.

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Mid way down stopped and sat down on the parapet enjoying the scenery below. The sun would come out once in a while and warm me up. As soon as the sun disappeared behind the clouds or when fog would start rolling in, it would become cold.

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Reaching the bottom of the hill, chartered a course for KGF (Kolar Gold Fields). The route again goes though a forest which was nice to drive through.

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Now I love driving around KGF. It has an old city charm. One, there are old British style buildings all over. Just driving past them, makes me remember my childhood days in Nainital. Second, all the building are at a setback from the road. To me that just adds to the charm.

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Reaching the Five Lights Circle, I looked up google maps for a place to eat. Found Ganesh Hindu Military Hotel nearby.

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The waiter gave me option of idli, dosa or sevai along with a wide variety of non-veg curries. Sevai was something new to me. So I asked for it along with keema curry. I was pleasantly surprised to get idiyappam served. Long ago, I remember eating some excellent idiyappam along with mutton curry in Madurai. This was a good find in Kolar.

After a hearty brunch, I took the main road to Bangarpet and then via Kolar to home.

All in all, a relaxed ride to start the new year.

Ride Month : Jan 2022
Distance : ~230Km
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Been itching for a long ride for quite sometime now. Early Jan, I did a short ride which did not scratch the itch so well.

So here I was on a Sat morning, heading out before dark. Goal was to cover at least 500Km. There were spotted clouds in the sky and I hoped for a beautiful sunrise. The morning wasn’t as cold as I had expected. It has been a mild winter this year.

Took the Hoskote-Chintamani-Madanpally road. They have been working on this road for a long time now and it is no where near completion. In fact stretches after Chintamani are completely messed up now.

The sunrise wasn’t as pretty as I would have liked. I did manage to find a lake reflecting the light and clouds. Sat there for a short while to enjoy the morning.

Wild flowers were blooming in multiple patches. I looked for an easy trail towards the mountain but could not find one.

Wasn’t long before I reached Madanpally. Rumbling stomach and I stopped at a roadside cart for piping hot idlis.

Intrigued by thick pan dosa that was being made, I also helped myself to a couple. 10 bucks for 2 idli and 10 for one dosa. That was a steal.

A little ahead at Angallu, I turned towards Rayachoty. Spying this Enfield I stopped. It was owned by a tea stall owner. Had tea and talked over the bike. Its an old diesel bike and he is looking to sell. Hopefully, someone will appreciate it better and take ownership.

The road from here onward was lovely. Excellent road, flanked by small rocky hills. Found a small trail and rode down it for a while to the bottom of one of the hillocks.

Then took an isolated side road to get down and pose for the customary picture.

From Rayachoty I turned towards Rajampet. Earlier I had contemplated the options of heading towards Kadapa and then Anantpur and back. But Rajam-Tirupati road looked more greener and hilly on the map. A bad choice I would realize.

Rayachoty – Rajampet is a lovely narrow road and in excellent conditions. It has rural landscape, fields, hills, twisties and a river. Everything that’s fun on a bike.

Ingressed into a field to take some pictures and lie down on the grass to watch the blue skies. It was a beautiful morning.

There is a small section of ghats where the road goes through a dense jungle. Many of the trees had leaves turning orange making them look very pretty.

The road then descended on the Cheyyeru river. There was a lot of water and bridge is quite wide.

Another view of the bridge.

From Rajampet, I turned towards Tirupati. While the road is good, there was a lot of traffic with cars weaving in and out overtaking numerous trucks. Riding wasn’t so much fun.
Stopped at a roadside shop for tea, chips and bun. Soon I joined the Chennai highway at Tirupati. From there its the plain old highway home and I made it back by 1700.
12hrs on the saddle and a day well spent.

Ride Month : Jan 2020
Distance : ~590Km


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Bike Ride: Burgur Hills – Triplog

Bike Ride: Burgur Hills – Triplog

Spring is pretty much over and I hadn’t done my annual ides of March ride. So off I was on a Sat morning hoping for cloudy weather without rain.

Looking at the map, I saw an alternate route down from Kollegal to Mettur. From Kollegal, instead of taking the route via MM Hills to Mettur, I would take the rural roads over the hills into Anthiyur and then turn east and follow the Kaveri up to Mettur Dam.
Now google maps is not always accurate and trustworthy on rural back roads, but with an open mind and a full tank of fuel its my way of riding into the uncharted territory.

Leaving home by 0430, I was hoping to catch the sunrise on one of the many lakes on the Kanakpura road.

There were a few clouds and it was a wonderful sunrise. Sat down and watched the morning colors disappear as the sun went behind some clouds. Just watching the colors change was a wonderful experience.

Next to this lake there used to be a trail which takes one little deep into the shrubs and towards another lake. Unfortunately the old temple next to the lake has expanded and built a boundary wall, blocking access to the trail.

Moving on, I crossed Kananpura. Resisted the temptation to stop at Vasu’s for idli/dosa. The incentive was to get back home before the evening rains in Bangalore which had been happening over the last few days.

Post Kanakpura, there is a small side lane which slopes up and down. Over the years this has been a place where I stop to take pictures of the bike. The road leading away into a horizon presents a beautiful backdrop.
Stopped there, took some pictures and moved on.

Turned towards Kollegal at Malavalli. Had been riding for a while, so stopped for a cup of tea. Little ahead, an old temple which I have seen evolve was undergoing another set of transformation. The road widening has already taken away a part of the compound, removing the old charm. Now the temple itself is getting new layer of plaster. I hope the peepal tree next to the temple stays intact.

The red brick house next to the stream is still intact. Amidst the coconut trees and the greenery, it presents a idyllic picture.

Near the Gaganachukki Falls View Point, they have created a diversion which bypasses the fall’s entry as well as the tree lined shady road. Decided to take the old way. The road is lined with golden rain tree and a few Gulmohar. During spring the golden rain tree is in full bloom and the Gulmohar’s are just starting to flower.
Stopped to take a few pictures and then headed towards the Kaveri bridge.

Crossing the Kaveri. The water levels are not great.

At Kollegal, I turned towards Hanur and then towards Ramapura. As soon as I turned towards Ramapura, the scenery improved. The rural surroundings turned into a jungle landscape. Slowly the road gained altitude. The views were marvelous.

The road condition also deteriorated but it was manageable. Meteor was reasonably comfortable over the rough roads.

Many of the trees were changing colors making the jungle red, yellow and green. Against the backdrop of blue sky, the frame looked beautiful.

As the road entered Tamil Nadu, the pot holes disappeared and smooth black tar welcomed the vehicles. It always amazes me how road condition can differ so much across state lines.

I stopped by another stream for a break. Walked around on the periphery of the jungle to stretch my legs. Found this tree spreading its roots over a large rock. Nature always finds a way.

Down at Anthuyur, summer was in full blast. Stopped to have a couple of glasses of sugarcane juice. While the juice was warm (opted for no ice), it did have a relaxing effect.

Reaching the Mettur highway, I could see Kaveri on the right across fields and houses. After few attempts to get to near the river, reached the banks.
Couple of guys were having a drink under a tree. We talked about the bike and long ride from Bangalore. They were surprised and could not comprehend why I would take the route via Anthiyur when there is a straight way via NH44. I asked them what they were drinking and they offered me the bottle. Took a swig and much to their amusement, it burnt my throat. It tasted like a hybrid of whiskey and rum.

A little ahead got stuck behind a procession. Fortunately, they allowed the two wheeler to go through.

Reaching Mettur, took a small diversion to see the dam. Water levels were good. There is a view point, somewhere nearby which provides a birds eye view of the dam and reservoir. I have been wanting to go there for a while. Maybe I need a dedicated ride just for that place.

The remaining of the ride was uneventful. Once on the national highway, its a straight relaxed ride home. Stopped once for fuel and then for tea. Riding through Tamil Nadu, the boiler tea is not to be missed. Refreshing even on a hot day.
Just as I was to enter Bangalore, the clouds opened up. At first decided to continue in the rain which was fun. As the intensity increased, had to stop under a shed. About 20min of wait and then I was on my way.

Back home by 1715.

Ride Month : Apr 2022
Distance : ~520Km


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Gulmohar Trails – Triplog

Bike Ride: Gulmohar Trails – Triplog

Summer around Bangalore is the time of Gulmohar. There is a tree behind my house which tell me the situations with blooms every year. And this year the blooms have been outstanding.
Few years back I discovered this back road near Kolar which is flanked with Gulmohar trees.
So off I went, on a Saturday morning hoping to see some trees decked in red. And boy I was not disappointed.

The route map.

Near the Kolar clock tower, I stopped for tea. Since my last visit, the place has been cleaned up, foot paths repaired and in general the chowk looks pleasing.

First glimpse of things to come as I rode out of Kolar.

Next I rode off the road into a small field to take some pictures.

Found this orchard with trees laden with mangoes. Helped myself to a raw one and packed one. I guess the owner would not mind.

The tree lined roads were lovely.

Took a break and lay down to enjoy the quiet and colors.

The view looking up from under the tree.
On way back stopped at Kolar to breakfast to end a short sweet ride.

Ride Month : May 2022
Distance : ~180Km


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Catching up with my log with a ride in June.
Bike Ride: Along the Kaveri

Riding along the Kaveri from Mettur to Karur. One day I should ride from Talakaveri all the way to the sea.

Trying out a new app on phone for GPS speedo.

Sunrise around Krishnagiri. Was hoping for better colors in the sky, but it was too cloudy.

Breakfast on the highway. Tamil Nadu style boiler tea with bun/cream.

At Mettur, I rode up a hill next to the day. The view point is known only to locals and I was referred by a friend.

The view point offers sweeping views of the dam and the reservoir behind it. Sat there for a while enjoying the view.

A closer view of the dam.

From Mettur, I started following the Kaveri. As much as possible, I took roads that took me near to the banks.

These were state and local highways. Flanked by old growth tree and little traffic. They pass through towns and villages, giving the smell of India highways have left behind.

A little before Bhavani, I crossed the river at the Uratchikottai Barrage. Its a narrow bridge, open only for two wheeler.

Crossing Bhavani, again rode quite close to the river. For a while rested next to the river listening to the water flow by.

Another view of the river before joining NH44 at Velur.

Again crossed over the Kaveri towards Karur. Since I was near Karur, decided to have lunch at Kathirvel Vaathu Kadai which is famous for duck meat.

The ride back was straight and uneventful. Stopped a couple of times. Once lay under a Gulmohar tree, admiring the red against the blue sky.

Ride Month : June 2022
Distance : ~630Km​