Riding to Gandikota and Belum caves from Vellore

Riding to Gandikota and Belum Caves .
Feb 23rd Saturday, 2019
3am - leaving Vellore
10 am - reaching Jammalamadugu, checking in lodge Ashwatha.
10.30am - visiting Campbel mission hospital
12.30 pm - lunch
1.30pm - riding to belum caves
6pm- Gandikota susnset
8pm dinner at Jammamadugu
FEB 24th Sunday 2019
5.30 am visit to Gandikota sunrise
8.30am CSI town church
11. 30 am riding back to Vellore

wish I could meet a BCMT RIDER !!!!
The Bike trip

23rd February Saturday 2019

I couldn't sleep because of excitement and too much planning as we want to leave early around 3 am to reach Jammalamadugu before 10 am. so got up after few hours of sleep. loaded the bike with via terra claw bag

Samson reached exactly at 3 am. he had a problem tying the via terra claw in his bike and I showed the right method to secure via terra safely in his bike.
sharp 3.30am we hit the road to chittor from Kasam, Vellore.

Filled our bikes at a reliance petrol bunk in Chittoor.

started off to Rayachoty. The road till Chittoor was very bad as construction was on process. but after Chittoor, it was a good road but with no dividers from oncoming vehicles.

after passing Rayachoty town, stopped at a roadside shop initially for coffee but then went on to eat dosa. very bad food. we didn't expect from Andhra.

we decided to ride non stop to Kadapa, and to Prodattur to reach Jammalamadagu. Samson missed a left turn while I was waiting to take the airport route in Kadapa to bypass the town. rode fast to catch him and we both were on airport road. then went to Mydukuru (guess google maps did not update the completion of road work in Kadapa Kurnool high way). we reached Jammalamadagu and went to the Ashwatha Narayana lodge in Jammalamadagu at 10.0 am. (the rude behaviour of the lodge in keeper and bike parking at roadside made us eventually move to the guest house in CSI hospital campus by evening.)

after refreshing, we went to meet the manager of CSI Campbell hospital. he was very cordial and took us for lunch in the Abiruchi restaurant. we had chicken biriyani which was very delicious. guess its 200rs. large quantity and nice selective pieces of chicken. samson and I decided to have the night dinner there in the same Abiruchi restaurant in the Prodattur road, Jammalamadagu. after lunch, we met the medical superintendent and left for the lodge and then to Belum Caves.

Travel to Belum Caves
Since Samson had a small mishap with the bike (a loaded auto took a sudden turn and Samson bike skidded and fell while he stood on the ground), we decided to go in my bike and Samson was pillion rider for Belum Caves.
the road to Belum caves was boring with scorching sun and with speed breakers for every small village crossing. the heat really took the mood of enjoying and exploring the caves.
the road to belum caves snaps....

finally, after one hour of a continuous ride at less than 60 km average, we reached Belum caves.

That planned shot at Belum caves IN FRONT OF BUDDHA STATUE





We didn't explore much inside Belum caves as Samson was feeling claustrophobic and I was also in out of the mood to explore further due to heat. we came out of caves and drank water from the cooler near the ticket counter. I did ride back in shorts from then on to Gandikota gorge view.
Travel to Gandikota from Belum Caves

around 3.30 in the evening we left Belum caves and rode to Gandikota. we stopped for juice had local cola sarbath and also minute pulp orange. stopped back at Ashwatha lodge to leave my riding jacket and pants. with the helmet on we both rode to Gandikota gorge view. Saw few bikers from Bangalore (probably because of KA regtn number plates..... thats why we didnt get rooms in haritha resorts☺☺☺)

Gandikota !!!

we rode through the fort. I saw a few bikers parking outside the fort but later followed us. (thanks to BCMT guys who wrote in detail about the village which is there inside the fort)
Riding through the fort ....


The gorge view was beautiful........


Tilak Francis

Samson droped his helmet BUT luckily it didnt fall of the cliff. Samson had a bad day of falling, bag, bike and helmet but by God's Grace, nothing happened to him.
Reached back to the lodge and vacated to go to the guest house in campbell hospital. The Campbell hospital campus was quite and beautifull with british stone buildings. we stayed in one such stone house.

had a refreshing bath. samson decided to stay and relax. the manager of csi campbell hospital came to take me to meet believers church pastor prasad who is ministering among Lambadi community for 20 years. I took him in my bike and we went to mudannur. the road from Jammalamadagu to muddanur is a smooth toll road which is yet to be opened with toll plaza. i enjoyed the night ride with quietness for 20 min and met the pastor. we had a small chat while the manager helped me as a translator. we bid him good bye and left to csi mission hospital. after reaching hospital campus, I and Samson went to the Abiruchi restaurant and ordered chilli chicken, mutton gravy and Rotis. Enjoyed the dinner and i completed with ice cream.

took a stroll, with a fear of constipation during long rides, bought grapes and had fruit mixture juice in a local shop before going to bed.

TIME LINE ON 23/2/2019

24th February Sunday 2019

Morning got ready and went to CSI Town church at 7 am. actually there were three services 6-8am, 8.15- 10.15 am and 10.15- 12.30 noon.

town church,

i saw another traveller couple whom i spotted in gandikota was there in church. I guess they were also doesnt want to miss the church on a sunday though was a barrier.
after the service went to a hotel called NAVAYUGA, tadipatri road, jammalamadagu.

I guess its popular among locals for the authentic vegetarian. so crowded but good and fast supply by waiters. people occupy and share the dining table as it is very crowded. had idli sambar and onion oothappam. too delicious.
came back to the guest house. packed our bags and saddled to our bikes. dressed in full gear. bid farewell to the CSI hospital manager and his friend who is incharge for maintenance and left to vellore

it was exactly 10 am when we left jammalamadagu. by the time we hit the kadappa highway near mydukuru, again gps suggested to go through mydukuru but this time as we know the way we went through high way to kadappa without deviating. we were riding very slow and we wanted to eat after Rayachoty. found a highway hotel vennela.


more like dhaba in andhra style. had rotti, omlette, and naatukoli gravy. yummy tummy. after lunch we started riding slowly maintaining 60 km and stopped around 3pm for tea, and juice relaxed a lot as the heat was taking a toll on us. waited till 4pm and started riding again.
my chevik mobile charger and holder started giving problem by not charging the phone but only maintaining the charge to some extent and i ended up having my mobile screen switched off and followed only voice commands of google maps over my bluetooth headset (charge went below 10%)
on entering chittoor, the gps commands took me to Chittoor bus stand and then through forest and military area and brought us out of the city avoiding the traffic.
after chittoor, i took the madras ranipet highway to reach kasam vellore and Samson bid bye after praising and thanking God for a safe and wonderful trip. we both reached our homes around 5.45 pm and 6pm.

TIMELINE ON 24/2/2019

If you are interested in knowing more about CSI campbell mission hospital and its health services to the community, you may visit
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Some more photos from Gandikota and Belum caves trip