Road condition - Kolkata to Siliguri

Angshuman Kar

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Hello All,

I am going for a road trip to North Bengal on 18th Dec'15. I will start at around 5pm afternoon and drive the whole night to reach Mongpong in the morning.
Just a bit apprehensive about the road condition, because last year December (2014) also I took a road trip to North Bengal and the road condition from Krishnanagar to Berhampore and Farakka to Gazole were horrible.
Does anybody have a very recent update on the road condition? I heard that some repair work is in progress for the stretch from Krishnanagar to Berhampore. So fare the stretch from Farakka to Gazole, looks like the condition has improved.

I joined the forum today only and not much conversant with the procedures for new posts or forums.
I would appreciate if there is a dedicated forum for route update between Kolkata and Siliguri, as this is a popular route for motorists from Kolkata and around.
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Angshuman Kar

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Hi All,

As on 8-Dec'15 the update that I received, from various sources, are as follows:
1. Kalyani to Krishnanagar - road condition is good by using the state road from Ranaghat to Bhatjangla (via Badkulla). Kolkata to Kalyani is a OK driving condition using Kalyani expressway.
2. Krishnanagar to Bethuadohori - road condition is a mix of good and ok.
3. Bethuadohori to Debagram - rood condition is bad, but some repair work is going on.
4. Debagram to Palashi - road condition is ok.
5. Palashi to Rezinagar - road condition is bad.
6. Rezinagar to Farakka, via Berhampore - road condition is a mix of good and excellent, except from the railway crossing before Farakka to Farakka.
7. Farakka to Malda - road condition is a mix of bad and ok.
8. Malda to Siliguri, via Dalkhola - road condition is ok.

Request you all to update the status as available with you, preferably with the date.