Road condition : Lucknow - Gorakhpur - Gopalganj - Chhapra - Patna : From heaven to hell

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    Old numbering : NH28
    New numbering : NH27

    1. Lucknow to Gorakhpur : Excellent 4 lane smooth highway from (via faizabad, basti). Beware of villagers trying to cross the road. 100-120kph can be maintained most of the times.

    2. Gorakhpur bypass : Good road, rarely used by motorists (some diversions are there, beware of bike stunters.

    3. Gorakhpur to Gopalganj via kushinagar : Good road, although speeds should be lowered as it goes through populated areas. 80kph is good speed in this stretch
    Good roads till this point (400km from lucknow to gopalganj, did that stretch in little more than 4 hours)

    Now bad part starts, AVOID taking NH28 (NH27) if you're going to bihar.

    4. Gopalganj to chhapra: Non existent roads in gopalganj, filled with mud, gravel and everything except tarmac. Some roads between gopalganj and chhapra are OKayish, but there are life threatening hazards like stupid drivers, pedestrians, branches, animals, narrow roads and what not.

    5. chhapra to patna: Worst ride of my life, I was screaming in agony. More on that later. AVOID AVOID

    I'll add pics and details soon, along with more details of route and map of the roads taken. Till then, this might help unsuspecting riders/drivers.

    If you want to go from lucknow to patna, better take allahabad, varanasi route.
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