road condition Pune to Nagpur


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Sorry for asking silly question guys, but is it possible that GPS can help with best route spontaneously?
I will be travelling in April to Nagzira hence asking.
GPS technology is not that advanced to access the road condition on real time basis.
If some one goes thru' that route it tracks and stores; to share when requested later.
Based on the travel time projected [based on data], one can just estimate the road condition!


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Nagpur Pune road status

1. Nagpur to Amravati is 4 lane good road. Smooth and best road quality of this stretch.

2. Amravati to Karanja good cement road with less traffic.

3. Karanja to Shelubajar, average road surface,bad at some places. Shelubajar to Malegaon Jh bypass again same average to bad at some places. Malegaon Jh bypass to Mehkar to Jalna again good road with moderate traffic.

4. Jalna to Aurangabad road surface is not good you can maintain average speed. Moderate to heavy traffic.

5. Aurangabad to Pune,same old good road.Nothing new here.

I had gone through few YouTube videos and according to them road from Karanja to Mehkar is horrible. Frankly speaking entire road is not that bad. You have to negotiate it with patience.

I would definitely recommend following road

Pune-Aurangabad-Jalna-Mehkar-Malegaon Jh-Shelubajar-Karanja-Amravati-Nagpur.

There is no point in trying various versions like via Khamgaon-Shegaon-Daryapur etc. Stick to the above mentioned road.