Road condition Sagar-Khajuraho-Mahoba-Kanpur

I am traveling from Nagpur to Lucknow on 10th Jan, 2017. I will be traveling Nagpur-Chhindwara-Narsingpur-Sagar-Khajuraho (One Day Halt)-Mahoba-Kanpur-Lucknow-Faizabad.

Before this some 3 months back I traveled by following route --
Nagpur--Seoni (Very Bad)--Lakhnadon (Good 4 Lane) - Jabalpur (OK)-Rewa (OK)-Mangawa (OK)-Allahabad (Very bad 90 kms, in fact there no road, better to travel day time only) - Lucknow (Good but single lane) --Faizabad (Very Good 4 Lane).

In all 250 kms road this way is horrible for car owners. Hence this time I want to travel by first route.
Pl let me know the road condition from Sagar-Khajuraho-Mahoba-kanpur if someone has traveled on this route. If bad, pl suggest me an alternate route.
Thanks in advance


Can anyone tell me how is the road condition from jhansi to kanpur as im traveling to kanpur day after tomorrow. Plz help guys.
Your first route is OK. I did Nagpur to Khajuraho by same route a week ago in 7.5 hrs. I didn't go beyond Khajuraho.
Much better than via Jabalpur.
Nagpur - Sagar is a very decent road. There after till Banda it's, just about OK.
Then on it deteriorates, and you'll have to slow down. Chattarpur to Khajuraho is a SINGLE LANE national highway.


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I travelled from Sanchi to Khajuraho to Muzaffarpur, via Kanpur and Lucknow about 3-4 weeks back, and for the most part the roads are very good. Sanchi to Khajuraho is two lane state highway, in reasonably good condition, except for the parts that pass through forests, which are in really poor shape. I didn't encounter much traffic on the route, so the ride was very pleasant. However, I didn't travel at night, because the road was quite dark and lonely, with hardly any dhabas/petrol pumps along the way.
From Khajuraho to Kanpur, the road was good. The roads in UP are pretty good, except for near the towns where there's mining. And once again I didn't really encounter much traffic. I can't recall if I passed Mahoba, but you do pass through quite a few small towns in UP. I was on my bike, and wasn't slowed down too much by traffic, but I imagine that it'll be a bit more frustrating by car.