Road Conditions: Auli to Nainital/Ranikhet


I am not sure what happened to the same thread I posted earlier. Here I am posting again. Sorry for that.

How are the road conditions between Auli and Nainital/Ranikhet?
Will there be a snow problem in the first week of January?
How long will it take to reach Ranikhet or Nainital from Auli?
Should I take the Kausani/Gwaldam route or Dwarahat/Mirai mall route?

I will be travelling by my Nissan Micra. Please suggest.



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Hi Rajendra

Both these routes are Via Katnaprayag which is 85kms from Joshimath.
I would like to share me experience of both the routes.

For Miraimalli Ranikhet route - I started from Auli around 12 noon and was at Ranikhet around 9pm.
After sunset this route is scary as hell.
Will advice to stay last night at Karnaprayag and Start early if taking this route.
Chances of snow are almost nil as most of the route is at low altitudes.


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For Karnaprayag Gwaldam Kausani route-
I went from Kausani to Karnaprayag and further to Chopta.
Its wider and more easy road
higher in altitude in Kausani and Gwaldam region.
Very beautiful and easy to drive except at few small landslide places which won't be an issue in January.

I started from Kausani at 11am reached Karnaprayag around 3pm.
Hi Arshad,

Thanks for the inputs. What do you mean the roads are scary? Can you please elaborate?
What would be the total travel time to Ranikhet from Joshimath? It took 9 hours from Karnprayag as roads are not good?
If I can cover Joshimath to Nanital in a single day, then I would like to go to Nainital, and skip Ranikhet. Will this be possible?
Out of both routes, which one would you suggest?



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Read again

I said 9 hours from Auli to Ranikhet

Scary as in my experience
I Was at Karnaprayag around 2:30 and till 6pm the roads went through villages and narrow roads etc etc
After that we had to ask for directions and after sunset it was no mans land
Couldn't rely on maps as the route looked just wrong with no signboards no visibility on blind turns.
That made it scary


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Kausani route is better
But to reach Nainital from Kausani is longer by 50-55 kms than Ranikhet.
Thanks a ton [MENTION=28873]Roadie..[/MENTION] I am going to halt at Kausani, and then take two days halt at Nainital. This will be my itinerary

Delhi -> Rishikesh(31st) -> Johismath(1st) -> Auli(2nd) -> Kausani(3rd) -> Nainital(4th,5th)->Delhi(6th)

Hope this plan is OK.

BTW, I have read your Kaza extempore. You have a knack for writing and photography man. Too good. Thanks for the post.



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Hi Rajendra this itinerary looks fine and relaxed.
You have two days for nainital, why not include Mukteshwar on 4th?

And Thanks a lot for the compliment :)