Road Conditions: Auli to Nainital/Ranikhet


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Hi Veteran Riders,

Just wanted to know that if I start my ride from Pilibhit to Joshimath, which route would be better? (Better road conditions)

I am also planning to take a night stay in between so expecting a suggestion on that too.



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You can stay at Karanprayag or Nandprayag depending on Sunset time.
Drive in daytime to enjoy in hills.
Thanks for the reply. So I drove via Pilibhit - Kathgodam - Ranikhet - Dwarahat - Karanprayag - Joshimath and returned via Joshimath - Karanprayag - Gwaldam - Kausani - Almora - Kathgodam - Pilibhit

The route you suggested had steep but drivable roads and Karanprayag - Kausani - Almora route had better quality tarmac and broader roads.

To people traveling on this stretch, I'll suggest taking the Kausani-Gwaldam route if you're unsure which route has better roads.

Keep wandering and ride safe ✌