road conditions from ghaziabad to pabo bazar


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Bhai log, recently I went to pabo bazar (pauri gharwal) for a wedding in a friend's village. We went via kotdwara. Here are the road conditions-

On 22nd November, we started from ghaziabad at 6 am. We took murad nagar, modi nagar, merrut bypass, khatauli route. It was all smooth up to here. At khatauli, we left NH 58 and took the right turn. Now road became narrow and condition deteriorated. It was through the populated area. We passed via miranpur. There were big potholes. So driving through this section was painful. We crossed a dam at ganges (from here, road improved) and reached bijnore. There was a bypass route so we took it and reached kotdwara via kiratpur and najibabad. Road condition was good in this last section. From ghaziabad to kotdwara, it was 195 km and we covered it in 3 hours and reached there at 9 am.

Now from here, hill drive started. We went to duggada and had good and delicious breakfast in the market and after that took right turn to lansdowne. From here on, I saw plenty of new hotels up to cantt area. We did not go to main chowk (as have already been there 3 times) where most of the old hotels are situated and took right turn to come down to gumkhal and then reached satpuli. From kotdwara to satpuli is about 50 km. After satpuli, we drove for about 20 km (from kotdwara and up to here road conditions were very good) and then left the main road to pauri or Highway 109 and took the right turn to pabo via a steep and narrow road. It had less traffic so there was not much problem. We reached pabo at 2.30 pm. The last section of this 27 km was little bad but manageable.

Total distance covered was 295 km...O:)


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Any toher best route to Lansdowne from meerut to avoid big potholes and crowded city when you took right turn from Khaotli.

I am planning Lansdowne next weekend with family. Also any good affordable hotels pointers


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I am planning Lansdowne next weekend with family. Also any good affordable hotels pointers
You can check my travelogue here.

You can book any hotel in and around main city chowk. Else, BluePine resort is good enough. Slightly priced on higher side than others, but pretty decently maintained.


thanks for sharing latest conditions of road , i want to know with which vehicle you traveled and you drove very fast speed as i can understand.


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I came back last week from lansdowne. I has XUV500 but was terrible experience on roads. I took Meerut-Mawaana road-Kiratpur- Najibabad- Kotdwar-Lansdowne.

Trip itself didn't started well from road condition , Moment we enter Mawana road, i could only see pot holes and this continued till Bijnor bypass and believe me i was cursing myself for scheduling this trip. Infact roads were not there. Then long truck jam at Ganga Barrage took my 3hrs. Moment i reached Najijabad, roads changed and were good. From here till lansdowne roads were good.