Road conditions in madhya pradesh


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I want to know the road conditions in madhya pradesh for the following strecthes :
1. Jalgaon (maharashtra) to omkareshwar
2. Mandu to ujjain
3. Bhopal- chanderi- orchha- khajuraho- bandhavgarh- amarkantak- kanha- pench


Thank you Sadasivam for raising this query, since I am also looking for information about the route#3 of your query.
However, so far there isn't any reply!

I don't know about the present road conditions, but I share whatever I can, assuming it may be of some help.

1. Jalgaon to Omkareshwar - I have travelled the Ichhapur road (Indore-Khanwa road) many times in past years for going to Shegaon from Indore. We actually don't touch Khadwa, as it is not on this road and is towards east. Omkareshwar in on this route and you would come from Jalgaon (opposite side). I haven't gone beyond Muktai Nagar. It used to be a well maintained toll-road, but for past 3-4 years, the toll is lifted and road had gone from bad to worse. The last I travelled to Shegaon was in 2017 and road had started deteriorating then. However, work for 4-laning has started, I heard, but present status is not known to me.

2. Mandu to Ujjain - You need to go via Indore, I guess. From Mandu you come either by Dhar road or AB road to Indore. Mandu is on a road that connects AB road and Dhar road (south - north). Indore to Ujjain is a good 4-lane road. You can come from Mandu by Dhar-road and go through Gangawal bus-stand area - airport - super corridor to reach Indore-Ujjain road, thus practically bypassing the Indore city. I can not comment about road conditions after monsoon!

3. I am looking for information about route#3.