Road Conditions - North Sikkim ?

Hello everyone,

I am leaving on 3rd of April on my motorcycle to Sikkim to visit Gurudongmar, Zuluk etc.
I need to know the road status of Gurudongmar.
Can anybody please help.

Thanks in advance.
Ask on call about current conditions.
He has 3 hotels at Mangan, the gateway to North Sikkim.

Hotel SK Mangan
Guddu Agarwal
‎+91 83485 56636
‎+91 95477 89970
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Got another reply from a friend :

3rd Apr will be cutting too short. Plenty of snow beyond Thangu. Permits not being given by Sikkim Police as of now. A friend, Rajesh Pawar, returned today from Thangu after staying there for 4 days, couldn’t go to Gurudongmar. Almost a feet of snow on roads. Weather too is unrelenting, raining/snowing almost every other day.

We couldn’t go in Safaris to Nathu la. Went there in snow chained Gypsys, those too were skidding.

Tell him to postpone.
Thank you Satinder Ji that was the same answer earlier I checked with another rider but the local people like hotel owners and tour operators telling me its all okay.

How much time do you think it will take to clear the snow ?

Do you think is it possible if I start for Gurudongmar from Gangtok on there 10th of April.

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Better delay the visit go only after confirm news is there that route is stable.
Snow is better and more everywhere this year.
Delay will be more also.
Better check weather report of that part in various websites.
BBC weather has better prediction for next 4-5 only.
Long term weather prediction by others is just guess work based on past years (50-200 years).
If holidays are issue, it should be utilised with confirm visit only after stable route opening.
Update on Road Status of North Sikkim.

After wasting 1 day at Lachung and 1 day at Lachen.

Road leading to Gurudongmar has no snow. But still Army is not allowing and reason they provide is if we allow bikers then they need to also allow tourist taxi’s to Gurudongmar and there is no space on road after thangu to give pass for taxi vehicle.

This info got from army major who belongs to my native place currently posted there.

He further said that road may be opened for tourists after 15th April 2019. But I doubt this as vehicle carrying some family members of may be someone well connected person in Govt. travelling in fortuner DL no. plate(delhi) has been allowed in front of my own eyes.

Road leading to yumthang zero point is closed just after 9 kms of Lachung.

Reason given that there was landslide happened which was 4.5 months ago (as per local taxi driver) but still work is going on. and even locals are not allowed to go there.

If anyone planning for North Sikkim better postpone the tour.

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