Road conditions - Uttarakhand

Starting this thread again this year - hope to keep it alive till the rains end

To start - monsoon hits Uttarakhand with a bang. Last 2 days its been raining in most of Uttarakhand

Cloud burst reported at two places in Uttarakhand

1 - Chamoli - Cloud Burst at Chamoli - Road blocked towards Badrinath at chamoli - yatris trapped on both sides. A hotel on NH 58 completely damaged - 4 vehicles also damaged completely - 1 yatri buried in the malba .

2 - Village Ravana, Uttarkashi - Cloud Burst at Ravana - 4 buildings damaged bad, many animals washed away, many people hurt, a big lake formed in the region that can further damage the area around it if the embankment breaks suddenly.

Uttarakhand govt issues warning to yatris not to travel in the region.

Tried to find a thread where I could post this but did not find so started this thread - mods are free to shift, delete or ......
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More than 12 thousand pilgrims stuck at Nagrasu on way to Haemkund and Badrinath - The road is still blocked - work still in progress.
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Weather department says whole of north of India to get heavy rains, Delhi region, Uttarakhand and UP will be effected.
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Authorities say that the source of GANGA has shifted towards Nandanvan side of the Glacier. Due to breaking of the gangotri glacier the water is coming out of a new place more towards the Nandanvan side and the Goumukh the Cow's Mouth has dried up.

Gangotri Marg opened after 36 hours. The road was blocked near phool chhatti. Both Gangotri and Yamunotri marg worked for 5 hours and then got blocked. The road is blocked for last 8 hours.

As per the authorities - the road will be opened today though the rains still continue.
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Two flights from Delhi to D'Dun started by Spice Jet - Initial fare 2000 Rs. One flight in the morning and second in the evening.

Road from Harsil to Mukba and beyond to be completed soon - DM takes note of it. The road sanctioned in 1983 is still not completed :p nothing new. Only 1 KM road is constructed - DM says the rest will be completed soon.
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Gangotri highway marg closed near Lata village close to Uttarkashi due to heavy landslide. The road is blocked since last 7 hours The mausam has opened up and work is in progress and by evening the road will be opened.

Thalaya sagar peak conquered by TUSI DAS on 22 July 2012. Congratulations to the first Lady to do this. Started from Uttarkashi to Kedartal and then to the peak


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Hey Rambo. thanks for timely updates. Any information on latest road conditions in Kumaon ?
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Heavy rains in the Gharwal side of Uttarakhand.
Mussorie to Yamunotri road blocked near Dharasu - this is the news. But mind it Dharasu in on Uttarkashi Yamunotri side of the road.

Tehri Jheel to have House boats and Scuba diving facility. Wonder what are they planning to show in the murky waters of Ganga.