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Re: 2012 - road condition Uttarakhand

Badrinath Route Open till Hemkunt Sahib.
1 Bus reached from Srinagar to Hemkunt Sahib, Yesterday - 29 August 2012.
Ahead of that, I have no news. I hope that is open.
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Rain still continue in the hills. Heavy damage due to rains in Jaunsar Bhabak area of Dehradun.

Badrinath, Kedarnath High way opened - road cleared at Nalupani and Sirohabagad area -- THIS NEWS CAME ON SAHARA NEWS This could be their yesterdays news they are repating.

SIROHABAGAD - Road to Badrinath blocked due to land slide last night due to heavy rains - Road to Badrinath blocked -- ZEE NEWS this news came within 10 minutes of the above Lol - THIS IS BREAKING NEWS section of Zee news.
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Re: 2012 - road condition Uttarakhand

more than 1000 supporters of CM Modi are in Badrinath to perform a 3 day pooja. Anyone heading be prepared for hardships.

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[h=2]Indian Meteorological Department now predicts bountiful September rains[/h]
Economic Times - ‎Aug 31, 2012‎

The spurt in rains prompted weather office to change its forecast for the Sept rains. It now says that rainfall in Sept will be better than expected.

This is the latest news -- now depends where it rains - usually its the September month that floods effect Allahabad. Some years back I had to cancel my trip to Uttarakhand due to heavy rains around mid sept - so people who planning should double think.
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Heavy rains in and around Moradabad. City waterlogged and road and train traffic disrupted.

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Tehri - Ghansali - Cloud burst in Ghansyali area reported in news but damages not yet reported.

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Rudraprayag-Badrinath highway closed at 3 spots.

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Gangotri Highway may open after 7 days - right now people have to walk for many KM.


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Re: 2012 - road condition Uttarakhand

Planning to go to Badrinath, say by Sep'12 end. Any idea/update about the road conditions / landslides.
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Mid september is the time when floods in the plains surrounding UK occur so you will have to see around that time. Its still raining and rivers flooding villages and some cities too around Moradabad,

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Gangotri road starts functioning though in very bad shape


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Any info on road and weather conditions till Ranikhet and area around lansdowne.
Planning to go for a short trip this weekend.
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No problem reported in this region. And as not much news coming on news channel then I consider its ok at other places also. But as its still september damage due to rains and rains can be expected anytime.
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8 Sep 2012 8.54 am Sahara news

Due to land slide Yamunotri Marg closed near Badhiya. and Gangotri Marg Closed near Nalupani