Road to Dawki via Jowai


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Drove from Guwahati via Umiam and Jowai to Dawki on 6th April 2022. We took this route to avoid Shillong's notorious traffic jams and also to see a different area. The roads were good up to Amlarem, about 26 km before Dawki. However, after that it was one long procession of huge trucks, many at an indefinite standstill, heavily laden with limestone headed for the dry port at Tamabil on the India-Bangladesh border. The truckers were cooperating by keeping to the extreme left of the road. However, the heavy load has damaged some portions of the "Asian Highway 1" as the NH is called here.
On hindsight, it would have been better to start early from Umiam and cross Shillong before the jams start building up. We returned via the Riwai-Dawki road along the India-Bangladesh fenced border and visited the Living Root Bridge at Mawlynnong, etc, before proceeding to Cherrapunji. This route was scenic with some beatiful waterfalls and good roads.
So please avoid the Jowai-Amlarem-Dawki road while going there!

Here are some photos of the truck-laden road: