Road Trip across Vibrant Gujarat - Temples, Wildlife, Beaches & the Rann

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It was decided almost 6 months back and the planning started about 3 months ago. Gujarat was never really on the radar before I read the numerous logs on BCMT and after watching the Gujarat Tourism advertisements which feature Amitabh Bachchan got to know the diverse tourism opportunities that the state offers. Since it was to be a road trip, it was important that the road conditions were favorable. That Gujarat has some of the best roads in the country was an added advantage.

I started many threads in the Itinerary and the Road status sections. Read the rich collection of logs in BCMT. The dream is to try and cross the Rann. Let's see if we can do it. After all the booking was done and dusted, realized that I was going to miss Jamnagar (Marine National Park & Khijadiya Bird sanctuary). Took advise from [MENTION=225]Prasham[/MENTION] and included Jamnagar in the itinerary and cancelled a day in Bhuj (at a cost). Am happy to have done that, and will head for the Marine National Park (Narara Island) tomorrow.

It’s Day 5 of the trip as I write from Dwarka, having covered Vadodara, Velavadar (Blackbuck) National Park, Bhavnagar, Gir National Park (saw 5 lions, jackals and plenty of birds) and Somnath. It’s being a fabulous journey so far and the roads have not disappointed, neither have the people nor places in this wonderful and vibrant state of Gujarat.

2 years and 9 months old male Lion in Gir National Park. He was with another male sub adult lion & 3 lionesses (one of them his mother).

Blackbuck National Park, Velavadar

The beautiful and historic Somnath temple. Was fortunate to attend the evening and morning aarti which was an overwhelming experience because of the chanting and the faith of devotees packed in the main hall. Saw one of the most beautiful sunrise early morning with the golden rays touching the temple.

The beautiful coastal road from Somnath to Dwarka (NH8E). This picture was taken just after Madhavpur.

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Day 1 – Mumbai to Vadodara – NH8 – 402 Kms

The plan was to get up at 0400 and be on the road by 0530. I think we managed pretty well by waking up at 0430 and hitting the road by 0600. I had filled my USB pen drives with some 30GB of music or 2500+ songs including latest Hindi, old Hindi, Pop, Rock, English all-time great love songs etc. It is important to have enough music when you are on the road for 2 weeks.

All pen drives were tested a week in advance to confirm that they were working when connected to the USB port in my car. This holiday was about the journey and not the destinations. So we would not run around and try and cover all the tourist places in each destination.

0600 – Started from home.

0625 – Dahisar checknaka on NH8. Crossed Mumbai. Paid toll of INR 35.

Son comfortably slept in the back seat. We were glad to have carried a pillow and comforter. He woke up after 3 hours all refreshed.

0700 – Stuck for 10 mins in traffic at toll naka in Virar. Paid toll of INR 64

0750 – Charoti toll Naka. Paid toll of INR 58. Distance of 99Kms travelled so far.

0810 – Tank full. Diesel worth INR 1000 filled. Took a bio break and stretched legs.

Road conditions excellent on NH8

0840 – Entered Gujarat state

0845 – Touched Vapi. Total distance covered 151Kms

0855 – Bagwada toll plaza. Paid toll of INR 64.

0935 – Boriach toll plaza. Paid toll of INR 56.

1000 – First pit stop for breakfast. Stopped at a HP petrol pump about 9 Kms post Navsari. There was a restaurant named Sugar and Spice. Had a hearty breakfast and got refreshed.

1035 – Hit the road again. Road conditions were excellent throughout. There was some traffic and had to overtake trucks regularly. Mostly from the left side as many did not give way.

1100 – Toll plaza at Surat. Paid toll of INR 70.

1215 – Toll plaza at Bharuch. Paid toll of INR 85.

1240 – Reached Vadodara. Had a tough time finding Hotel Fern Residency using navigation as I accidentally switched it off and it would not find the route again for some reason.

1320 – Finally after going around in circles and asking a few people, accidentally found the Hotel and checked in.

NH8 was excellent. There are diversions in some places but the road is smooth.

My son after a nice 3 hour nap in the back of the car.

First pit stop for breakfast after crossing Navsari

Total Toll paid from Mumbai to Vadodara on NH8 - INR 432

Note - All road pictures are taken with phone cameras and while moving, so maybe hazy.
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Sachin Jatkar

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Route taken so far.
Up to Dwarka.PNG

A - Mumbai
B - Vadodara
C - Velavadar National Park
D - Bhavnagar (night halt)
E - Sasan Gir National Park
F - Somnath
G - Dwarka
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The way you are narrating the log, I guess it will become a guide for all future Gujarat Trip aspirants... :)
Ha Ha. Prasham you are real guide on BCMT for Gujarat. Thanks for your advice. Narara was a mind-blowing experience. Just reached Jamnagar after spending time at Narara on the way from Dwarka. Dead tired.