Road Trip across Vibrant Gujarat - Temples, Wildlife, Beaches & the Rann


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Looks they have made 100% permits available online now. Checked this at Gir website which says "100% of Permits are available for online Booking for only Gir Jungle Trail." Also called some hotels in Gir which confirmed the same.
All please take note of the same. Also any help to book offline safaris if possible would be much appreciated. (most resorts confirmed they couldn't help here)


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Thanks a lot Sachin, your write up helped me in planning Gujarat trip I did last week (Dec 24th - 31st). My route was Pune - Vadodara - Gir - Somnath - Porbandar - Narara - Jamnagar - Kutch - Vadodara - Pune. Came to know about Narara only through your bog and we all loved it, awesome place.


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Mr. Sachin Jatkar, I was searching information related to Gujrat Road trip from Pune and found this. This is helping me to plan my trip too. Nicely written. Thanks