Road Trip : Bangalore - Bhopal


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Hi Frenz,

I am planning to for a road trip from Bangalore to bhopal. planning to start on 24th April from Bangalore. mostly early mornaing around 3 AM.

please give input on
1. Road conditions
2.Pit Stops for Breakfast, Lunch, evening tea.
3. I am planning to take night stay some where in betweeen as i will be travelling with family.

any other userful information whcih i need to be aware of.



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1. Bangalore-Hyderabad-Nagpur-Betul-(Nearly all good 4 lane roads)-Itarsi-Hoshangabad-Bhopal (2 lane average roads with few bad patches.
2. Not much. All the major cities and towns have bypasses.
3. Night halt, if starting early by 3 could be Nagpur.