Road Trip by Car-Thailand


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Me and my wife are planning road trip to Thailand by car from India.Has any body there before? Any suggestions.Advise?
I have done Thailand, Myanmar, Laos on bike.
Please provide some more details, accordingly we can help in planning your itinerary.


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[MENTION=946]turbohead[/MENTION] - hey I m really interested in your trip log or to your planning about travelling to Thailand on bike . Please help with as much as information available


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Though i have read a group of European bikers crossed from India to Myanmar..
They had very tough time after crossing into myanmar.. from the border town to Rangoon they had to pass though some politically unstable areas.
But not very concrete .
Talk to the Burmese embassy and you need some good contacts from Assam Rifles..


Even I m planning a trip on my bike to Thailand via Myanmar... Any advise