Road trip from Bhilai to Kolkata

We,2 families travelled by road in my Honda City from Bhilai to Kolkata on 29th November'2019 and returned back after attending a function there on 5th December'2019.The route followed was:
29th Nov:Bhilai- Sambalpur-Around 300 kms ,the road(NH 53) is four laned and in excellent condition.The journey was covered in around 6 hrs.We stayed at OTDC Panthniwas which is located near the highway opposite Central Jail.The upkeep at the hotel desired improvement,the staff also lacked the requisite skills.Food is available at all times.
30th Nov:We left in the morning at 8:45 AM ,Our destination was Chandipur via Angul-Balasore(NH55).As soon as we crossed the city and came to the highway,the road was not wide and after sometime we found heavy truck movement.Later on pot holes appeared and it was difficult to maintain the desired speed.This continued till Angul,thereafter the truck movement reduced but road condition did not improve till we reached Mongoly chowk.Thereafter road conditions improved but it was dark due to dusk and traffic density was very high on the highway.After Balasore we took the road to Chandipur which was a sleepy place and it was past 10 pm.We finally reached OTDC Panthniwas,Chandipur at 11pm.The property is huge and as mentioned earlier,all OTDC properties need improvement wrt upkeep.EWe ended the day after driving 456 kms in more than 14 hrs which included lunch/tea/fuel breaks.
1st Dec:In the morning we found that the sea has receeded.Chandipur is a unique place in the sense that the sea recedes over 5 kms daily.We walked around 2 kms into the empty sea.There is no sand but hard clay on the sea bed.The facilities on the beach are basic.The breakfast at OTDC is also basic not much options are available.Around 10:30 am we left with good memories for Kolkata.The road from there bypassing Kharagpur(NH16) is excellent.It being a Sunday,the roads were empty and it was all fun to drive.We reached Kolkata-Salt Lake at 3:30 pm after covering 256 kms.Bhilai-Kolkata-1043 kms

After staying there to attend the functions we started our return journey.This time we wanted to avoid the pothole rods in Odisha between Angul-Sambalpur.So we tried another route,Kolkata-Kharagpur-Ghatshila-Chaibasa-Rourkela-Sambalpur-Bhilai.
4th Dec:We left Kolkata at 8am,there was some decent traffic on Kolkata roads upto Kharagpur.Therafter there were few bad patches on the road,We passed Copper mines at Ghatshila,Uranium mines at Jadugoda,took lunch at the only available resturant in Jadugoda and iron ore mines-Gua,Nomandy,Megataburu,Kiruburu,Chiria&Manoharpur.The ghats were covered in the cover of darkness where all iron ore mines are located.The only drawback was the huge bumps(AH46).I had to focus only on my car to avoid hitting those bumps but was not always successful.We reached Rourkela Guest House(SAIL) at 10pm(520kms) after all mandatory halts.
5th Dec: I was impressed with the service and upkeep at the guest house.After a sumptous breakfast we left for Bhilai.The township was well maintained with lots of greenry.The road were good all along.Near Sambalpur we took a detour to visit the famous Hirakud dam and finally arrived at our destination at 8:15 pm.The total road journey to and fro was 2100 kms