Road trip from Delhi to Kolkata & back - Dec'15 last week to Jan'16 first week

P P Das

New Member
Hi All,

I am planning a Road Trip to Kolkata (my Janam-Bhoomi) from Delhi (my Karma-bhoomi) and back.

I had been dreaming for such a trip for quite some time (1500Kms - one way) but couldn't make it so far for various reasons. This time I am dead adamant to do it (even though my family members are scared about the distance, fog, safety etc. as I am the sole driver).

I am accustomed to driving long stretches and have done Manali, Udaipur, Lucknow earlier which are all in the 400-600Km range.............but 1500 Kms is tempting me.

Of course we will have a break at Varanasi for night-halt, duly dividing the journey into two parts.

But I am open to have more families joining or other...............lets go together and enjoy. Moreover, it will be safer and convenient for all in case any car / family needs any assistance.

My tentative dates of travel would be 23/24 Dec 2015 and return by 3/4 th Jan 2016. (minor adjustable to accommodate more and more families).

So, please respond all interested persons to have a group chat at the earliest to finalise things for a smooth sail to all our Janam-Bhoomi on the eve of the Christmas and New Year.