Road Trip from Udaipur to Pune

Dushyant sharma

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Hello Everyone,

I am planning road trip from Udaipur to Pune with my family i.e. wife and kids (2 and 8 years old ) on 13th May. I have chosen route Udaipur-Modasa-Godhra-Baroda-Surat-Vapi-Thane-Pune. I will be travelling with my new Ciaz Diesel(Did just 1200 kms). I have planned to leave t 5 am and cover at least Surat on first day.
I have few questions, it would be great if someone can help me.
1. Road conditions on the route
2. Congestion and traffic jam possibilities especially near Mumbai
3. Planning to stay on any highway motel near by Surat or Valsad, any suggestions?
4. I am aware of yellow stripe requirement for Gujarat, any thing else for Maharashtra like PUC?
5. Any other suggestions, please?
I will be only driver but can drive more than 600 kms with no issue. I want to avoid night driving.

Thanks in advance.


I have done this route 4-5 times in past 2 years.

#1 - Road condition between Udaipur - Samalaji is decent (undivided highway), road condition improves after that, Samalaji - Godhra - Vadodara is 4 lane divided highway with low traffic, Vadodara - Surat - Mumbai is good 6 lane highway with very good road condition.
#2 - Entering Mumbai is pain due to repair work of Bridge over Thane creek just before entering Mumbai. Sometimes it takes 1 hour to cross that patch (weekends I don't know about weekdays)
#4 - Yellow strip is mandatory in Gujarat, there is no such special requirement in Maharashtra (PUC, RC & Insurance)

If you want to avoid traffic at Thane creek you can try Surat - Vasai - Bhiwandi (Anjur phata via kaman road) - Thane - Pune, Vasai - Bhiwandi route is safe in daylight.