Road trip help - Mumbai - Bhubaneswar - Raipur - Bandhavgarh - Mumbai


Subrat Seet
Hi everyone
This is after a long time.
Planning a two weeks long trip. As a matter of safety rule i avoid driving after 7 p.m. or max 8 p.m.

First leg of the trip - Mumbai to Bhubaneswar
Day 1: Mumbai to Hyderabad
Day 2: Hyderabd to Vizag
Day 3: Vizag to Bhubaneswar

Here 3 days break. Most of the things are known about Mumbai to Bhubaneswar route. Any additional info/guidance would be appreciated.

Second leg of the trip - Bhubaneswar to Raipur to Bandhavgarh National Park
Day 1: Bhubaneswar to Raipur - Please suggest route options. All details with first hand experience would be really helpful.
Day 2: Raipur to Bandhavgarh - Please suggest route option.

Here again 3/4 days break.

Third Leg - Bandhavgarh to Mumbai
Whether i should take Bandhavgarh to Bhopal on Day 1 then Bhopal to Mumbai on Day 2.
Bandhavgarh to Nagpur on Day 1 and then Nagpur to Pune day 2 and then last Pune to Mumbai (my breakfast trip)

Please suggest.

Thank you so much and regards

Surbhi Bansal

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I have a little bit idea of the second leg of the trip route. You can take this route for your trip.

Bhubaneswar to Raipur Route: Bhubaneswar-Durg-Raipur
Raipur to Bandhavgarh National Park: Raipur Jn-Umaria-Bandhavgarh National Park


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I am curious, why are you taking a longer route to Bhubaneshwar via Hyderabad and Vizag. I agree it is train route, but if you are not planning to do any sight seeing enroute, does not make sense to this route.
I can give inputs till Vizag, post Vizag road seems to be fine but this was status of couple of years back.

Only for Road drive pleasure you want to take, then I have suggestion! I assume you have not visited Hyderabad.

Day 1: Mumbai - Hyderabad[book any hotel around Hitech city / Gachibowli]. Road around Naldurg is bad, else fantastic road. Recommend to start at 2:30 AM as you cross Pune by 6 AM and relatively easy to zip thru' city.
Day 2: Hyderabad local tour: Visit Golkonda Fort, return to Hotel take a nap and then checkout by 12 noon. Move towards Salarjung Museum, Birla Temple and then check into Ramoji Film City hotels.
Day 3: Ramoji Film City tour and rest early.
Day 4: Hyderabad - Vijayawada - Vizag. Vijayawada onwards 6 laning work is in progress and you will not be able to pick up speed. The google shows to skip Vijayawada by showing Khammam - Nuzvid and join at Hanuman Junction. I do not recommend this route.
Day 5: Vizag - Submarine Museum and Simhachalam
Day 6:Vizag Bhubaneshwar.

Kindly note if you do not do night driving starting at 6:30 AM to stop driving by 7 or 8 PM, you can't do the stretches you have planned. Also crossing Pune post 7 AM during day will kill 3 hours of your time.
I do agree early morning you will encounter fog; drive with low beam most of the times and and can cover quickly.


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From Raipur to Bandhavgarh, take Raipur-Simga-Mungeli-Pandariya-Gadasarai-Dindori-Shahpura-Umaria-Bandhavgarh route.
From Bandhavgarh to Mumbai, take Bandhavgarh-Katni-Damoh-Sagar-Vidisha-Bhopal-Indore-Dhule-Nasik-Mumbai route. Try to extend your night halt to Indore with an early morning start.