Road trip help - Mumbai - Bhubaneswar - Raipur - Bandhavgarh - Mumbai


Subrat Seet
Hi everyone
This is after a long time.
Planning a two weeks long trip. As a matter of safety rule i avoid driving after 7 p.m. or max 8 p.m.

First leg of the trip - Mumbai to Bhubaneswar
Day 1: Mumbai to Hyderabad
Day 2: Hyderabd to Vizag
Day 3: Vizag to Bhubaneswar

Here 3 days break. Most of the things are known about Mumbai to Bhubaneswar route. Any additional info/guidance would be appreciated.

Second leg of the trip - Bhubaneswar to Raipur to Bandhavgarh National Park
Day 1: Bhubaneswar to Raipur - Please suggest route options. All details with first hand experience would be really helpful.
Day 2: Raipur to Bandhavgarh - Please suggest route option.

Here again 3/4 days break.

Third Leg - Bandhavgarh to Mumbai
Whether i should take Bandhavgarh to Bhopal on Day 1 then Bhopal to Mumbai on Day 2.
Bandhavgarh to Nagpur on Day 1 and then Nagpur to Pune day 2 and then last Pune to Mumbai (my breakfast trip)

Please suggest.

Thank you so much and regards