Road Trip: Mumbai - Gujarat: 1968kms in 3 days

Diwali weekend did an drive from Mumbai to Gujarat and covered 1968 kms in 3 days. Road condition report as below:

Day 1: Mumbai – Vapi – Vadodara – Anand – Kheda – Bagodara – Limdi – Chotila – Rajkot – Gondal – Sultanpur – Meghapipalya: NH48 & NH64 till kheda is excellent then to SH16 is an 2 lane highway in good condition then on NH47 & NH 27 from Bagodara to Gondal is in excellent condition with villages in between where one need to be careful. Also there is road bridge work near gondal due to which one has to travel via service road which causes traffic Then an exit towards Gomta for SH 31 where there are couple of villages which one has to pass through but roads are good to drive. Total covered 850kms in 13 hours

Lot of options to eat on the national highways and often spoilt for choices.

Day 2: Meghapipalya – Sultanpur – khodaldham (kagvad) – virpur – Gondal – Rajkot – Chotila – doliya – surendranagar – patdi – dasada – shankeshwar – becharaji – mehsana – pilvai – Mahudi – Aaglod: Started with SH31 passed through villages and few bad patches reached khodaldham then reached NH27 from virpur till doliya with loads of bikes on the road and having conference with one another while driving which was irritating as they were not allowing to over take any vehicles. From doliya took SH 17 which was good but after reaching surrendranagar it was very bad for like 3-4 kms then again smooth road till on SH19 and SH18 to reach sankeshwar with few bad patches in between. Visited jain temple over there and back on road to mahudi on SH 221 which was ok to drive with too many villages in between with lots of speed breakers. Once we reached becharaji it was standstill for 10-15 mins as too much of human and vehicular traffic on road then again smooth road till mehsana bypass then got onto SH55 which they are upgrading into 4 lane which was very smooth and pleasant drive for 15-20 kms. Took SH213 to reach mahudi but disappointed as they didn’t have place to stay we had to move our base to aaglod which was 20kms from mahudi. Roads were pretty bad and few patches had kacha road with single lane. Total covered 450+kms

Day 3: Aaglod – Mahudi – Gandhinagar – Ahmedabad – Vadodara – Surat – Vapi – Vasai – Thane – Chembur: took an different route SH55 then turn to SH 213 which was smooth ride with few small patches here and there. From mahudi it was time to move back to home. From mahudi took SH 213 to turn left from Ranasan chowkdi on Gandinagar-vijapur highway till Gandhinagar which was smooth with few villages in between. Then took SH 71 i.e. Gandhinagar-Ahmedabad road which was very smooth then took an exit on sardar patel ring road to reach NH48 for few kms and took an exit on NE 1 (Ahmedabad-Vadodara expressway) which was smoothest ride of the trip for 90 kms. Then exit on NH48 to continue till Vasai bridge. Entire stretch is smooth ride and delight for drivers and cars. Had sweet corn at Vadodara and lunch @macd @Surat. From fountain to ghodbunder road and eastern expressway to reach home took me 2.30 hours as there was trailer went down with acid on road. Total 668 kms in 10hrs of drive.

Total Kms covered in 3 days: 1968kms

CNG Stations in Gujarat: most of the stations have low pressures due to this only half the capacity can be filled in tanks. There are very few CNG stations on the highway which I has to keep looking for.