Road trip to Menchuka, Arunachal Pradesh


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The mountains in the first two pics are so beautiful, and different. Like mountains of Hanle covered with green! :D
Great going! Looking forward to the rest of this travelogue. :)
Very Nice...
Awaiting detailed travelogue.
Nice beginning and the greenery is awesome... :)
Waiting for the road pics as well.
Good begening, more logs are comming from Purvanchal ! snaps are good.
awesome captures.
Superb. Loving it.
Thank you everyone for the kind words. I was a little late in replying as I am new to the features like multi-quote provided in the forum. :)

I missed Menchuka when i was there in Arunachal..due to heavy rains :(..

This place is very very beautiful and you have captured it quite nicely.

Thank you. It is by far the most beautiful place I have seen so far. A must-see place for one visiting Arunachal Pradesh.

Great going Gunin.

Waiting for more....
Awesome update!
Mind blowing, getting better with each post.
Thank you. Hopefully it will get better. :)

some very good adventure there..Love with Aruna Chal is getting deeper and deeper...sigh !!
Beautiful pics... I am falling in love with this place !!!
That makes three of us :)


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Day 3 continued..

Some more pictures from the monastery. One can understand why the monastery is located here. Sitting on the edge of the mountain is just so peaceful. The monastery was another highlight of the trip.

Pema, our generous guide suggested that we go down the same way we came up. While the offer was nice, we thought it would be better for our bones if we just took the conventional route :grin:

Some pictures of the beautiful hanging bridge:



We then decided we have to the river bank. The water in these stone rivers is extremely clean. We had a great time just lazing around.


Day 4 and 5 coming up.....
Amazing pics...

This place can give Switzerland a run for money! Its hard to believe that such places exist in India, and that too without any tourist rush!


I had all the time today to read the pending logs and I am glad that I stumbled here. I would have missed this true gem. Lovely pictures and what a place. Thanks for sharing.


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I had all the time today to read the pending logs and I am glad that I stumbled here. I would have missed this true gem. Lovely pictures and what a place. Thanks for sharing.
Thank you.

Will try to upload details of the return journey today. :)


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Day 4 and 5..the Return journey

We were not looking forward to the return journey. We would be leaving this beautiful place and returning by the same road we came from was not appearing to be appealing. Moreover, we had planned a trek in the morning. However, because of the constant drizzling that plan had to be shelved. Ours hosts at Gayboo Traditional Lodge had a special breakfast lined up for us: Tibetan Tea made with butter and of course maggi in Thukpa style:



We headed out of town at around 12 in the afternoon. We planned to reach Along by evening and spend the night there. The rain which had spoiled our plans for a trek earlier. Now, the same rain made the surrounding vista look so different. Everything was fresh and even though the weather bloated out a clear view, it lent a different view to the same route. " Beautiful goodbye" by Maroon5 was playing in the car and everyone seemed to be lost in their own world. At least I was..

"....And I remember your eyes were so bright
When I first met you, so in love that night
And now i'm kissing your tears goodnight
And I can't take it, you're even perfect when you cry
Beautiful goodbye, bye, bye
It's dripping from your eyes, your beautiful goodbye.."

Quite apt for the situation I thought. Before I eat your brains even more, some photos to the rescue. :)


We tried feeding the dog but instead the bully goats ate up all the biscuits.:grin:


We reached Along at around 7 in the evening. We decided to give Hotel Kenzing a try this time instead of Hotel Toshi Palace. I really didnt like this hotel. One of the beds broke even while we were awake. And then the overall cleanliness and facilities left a lot to be desired. We decided to have dinner outside. There is a bar cum restaurant just adjacent to Hotel Toshi Palace. Awesome food- Pork fry, pork with bamboo shoots, Paneer butter masala and some more pork fry. A big thumbs up from our side. :D

Next morning, we started towards Dibrugarh, Assam. But this time we decided to take the approved tourist circuit through Ruksin gate via Passighat, Arunachal Pradesh. The road is still under construction and while it will save one from the numerous turns and bends of our onward journey, the road itself here is in pretty bad shape with lots of slush and loose gravel. This road definitely requires a vehicle with high ground clearance.
Our first stop was at Sangam Villlage. Here, one can see two rivers meeting. Now, I am ignorant about these two rivers and their names. One is river Siang and other one I need to find out. Perhaps someone can can help me out here. Some pictures:


Village Sangam:


We discovered this really long suspension bridge. I made it to halfway of it and backed out. Too much swaying for my liking lol.


Also, we found this nice place to have tea and snacks. While the tea itself was too sweet, the place made up for it with its perfect location. Sip your tea while the river flows in front of you. Perfect!

With that our trip came to an end. As we grow older, we keep on meeting new people and new friends. Most of these people will fall along the way as mere memories or acquaintances. But there will be some relationships and friendships which will stand the test of time and distance. So, it is for the three of us. cheers!!:) THanks for reading.



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Beautiful is the word for everything, the place, the pics, the narration... :)
I've only one regret, it ended so early. :(