Road trip to Tawang: in my Alto K10


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Thank you guys for the encouragement. I will keep updating the log.

Hotel near Jang - that's great. Please post details.

Great going, Gunin. :)
Thanks. I don't remember the hotel's name. Its just by the road leading to Tawang. Its clean and has room heaters. I will try and see if I have any pictures of the hotel.

Great locations and nice details. So you have taken Kalaktang route instead of the regular route. How good the accomodation chocies in Tenga? Any contact you can share? Moreover brief on AMS at Sela Pass. I'm taking my 4 year old daughter there.
I'm waiting for more details from your trips to Sangester and Bumla.
Thanks. No I took the regular route via Bhalukpong. I just went some 15 kms from Tenga on this route and returned. The hotel name in Tenga is Hotel Diyingkho. (03782-27305, 273303, 9436891220). It has basic, clean rooms.

AMS I heard from my rider buddies can be an issue some times. We took a lot of fluids (water and real juice) on our journey. I saw many kids on the route. I think your kid will be fine. More trip details coming up.


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Day 3: Jang to Tawang

Woke up at a leisurely pace knowing that Tawang is only 30 odd kms away. The sun was out shining and the dark, grey clouds of yesterday were nowhere to be seen.

A quick check around our little car, and off we went. Our first stop for the day was the Nuranag falls, 5 kms from Jang.

One can reach the base of the waterfall. Mists of cool water hit you as you get closer to the fall.

Some pictures:


A bright sunny day in Jang


Walking down towards Nuranag falls


The falls from a distance


Mists begin to hit you as you get closer

I am a fan of waterfalls where you can reach close to the water. The best part about this place was that it was totally crowd free. After spending some time here, we resumed our drive towards Tawang.

We had a heavy breakfast at one of the roadside dhabas. Turns out it is run by an Assamese family from Tezpur. At Rs.100/ plate which includes rice, dal, aloo fry, some sabzi and chicken, its value for money. I like driving on a full tummy haha.

Some pictures of the way to Tawang:


Nice smooth roads


No lack of rivers here


Soaking up some sun

Soon, we reached Tawang. Since it was only noon, we decided to roam around and visit the Tawang monastery.

The clear weather had followed us to Tawang. The last time I had come here, Tawang seemed to be covered in a cloak of grey. This time, it was a very pleasant green.


Some monks were busy studying here. It was very peaceful.


There is a camp type setup run by the monastery for tourists I think. There was noone there however, so couldn't ask for details.


Lovely prayer flags


Near the entrance of the monastery


Our little car



A place for prayer


At the monastery


Soaking in the views


Inside the monastery


A little tired


Monks busy with cricket




After leaving the monastery, we went back to Tawang town for lunch at a local hotel. There was a crowd of tourists who were making so much noise that it was getting on my nerves. I guess noisy tourists come as pack and parcel of any popular destination. The poor hapless waiter was having a difficult time keeping up with the numerous orders. We ordered boiled chicken with vegetables and rice. As our dish was simple to prepare, we were served earlier much to the annoyance of the noisy people haha.

There are a number of hotels in Tawang. We zeroed in on Hotel Mon Kyemojong a little away from the market. It has good views of the town and the staff is very courteous. Definitely recommended.

Upon enquiring from the hotel staff, we were informed that the local taxi operators were not allowing private tourist vehicles to go to Bumla and Sangetser lake. One had to book a sumo/ bolero from them for these places. This left a negative impression on my mind. Not that I would take my alto to such places, but if I had a capable vehicle I would definitely want to drive myself. However, I have read subsequent reports on other forums where people have driven their own cars on this route, so I think this might have been a temporary situation.

In any case, we booked a Bolero for the next day and checked in the hotel.




Local kids

After resting for some time, we went to the local market for some shopping in the evening. As we walked we saw many structures having prayer wheels in the middle of road junctions. Some distance away from the market,
there was an elderly gentleman who was praying and turning these wheels. It was a very peaceful setting. My wife took this opportunity to say some prayers while turning the prayer wheels.

Day 4 and 5 coming up