Road trip to Tawang: in my Alto K10


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I guess you should have enquired from the local police station whether private vehicles were allowed to the lakes or not instead of asking the hotel people.
Hi Gunin,

I read your travelogue with a lot of interest. It is fascinating with lots of details and the photos are breathtaking. I am planning to visit Tawang in October 2021. My plan is to fly from Chennai to Guwahati and hire a self-drive car from Guwahati. Is an Inner Line Permit required to go to Tawang? Where is that permit available? Your advice will be very much appreciated. Thanks / Sridhar
Hi ! Yes you have to apply for ILP to enter Tawang. It can be filled and get it approved online (covid restrictions may apply). Sharing the link ILP Arunachal Pradesh Also to visit Bum La and Sangester you have to take a DC office permit after reaching Tawang.