Yogesh Sarkar

Exposure and post processing is quite nice. However, composition somehow doesn’t strike the right chord.

Maybe it is due to the fact there is a slight turn in the beginning and not in the middle of the road, which is what we normally expect to see in the photographs of a curvy road and also since its not the classic straight road going into the horizon shot, it is kind of different from the typical road photographs.


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White border, unbroken double yellow line in the centre ..... I see a foreign hand in this! :grin:

Great looking pic, Tanveer. But, I feel you've darkened the background a tad too much.


Nice shot..the sky looks overcast..if it was sunny it would have been good. Maybe you could have done the metering on the sky instead of the road and then reframed the same pic..that way the sky would have come out it seems a bit dark.