Roads to Avoid and Potential Alternatives


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@Theloststory Its a useful thread but I have a vision. Suppose I start planning a Drive in March 2017 (2.5 years from now), I will have to read through it again and again.
Can we do something like what Yogesh does in Yearly Road Status Threads - The Thread continues forever but the Status is always updated in the First Post.

So, here, whoever reports an avoidable road - you can copy and paste it in the first post - Region-wise.

@SHEKHAR 257 @Yogesh Sarkar @Adventure50 @adsatinder @Salil
What do you think?

Since @Theloststory has started this thread - it'll be his responsibility to update the thread always :)


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Nicer idea, but I access the forums infrequently because off he nature of my work. So I am not the best person. Maybe someone else with moderator status?
Roads Conditions change after 3-6 months normally.Those who can update will be good.
All /Anyone can update about roads he travelled through !

In India most of the roads are in bad conditions in interiors or particular states.
Special Festivals / Occasions can also change a normal route too at any place.
It is better to take care whatever is possible.


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Khamgao-deolgaon raja -chikhali -jalana worst roads!
people driving from nagpur to mumbai go via jalgon dhule nasik mumbai avoid via aurangabad!