Roads to Leh from Cape Comorin - Help Required

Dear All,

After my initial posts regarding plans for driving down to Leh, self has charted out a road map for the same. Request all the veterans in this forum to help me out in fixing up the route map since we have to start working on lots of other associated activities starting from Arranging funds/ Hotels/ Flights/ Permits/ Cameras/ Gears/ Vehicles.

In Nut Shell:
Date of Start: Saturday, 11th June 2016, Cape Comorin
End of trip: Saturday, 02nd July 2016, Cochin
Approx Km to be traveled: 11,112KM
Expected No of Cars: 3-5/4per car
Detailed planning is attached for your kind perusal and advises.

Also please advice, if we can go till Siachen Base Camp after Warshi?

Awaiting a positive and good responses.

Thanking you in advance

My previous post:

Trip Plan.jpg


Armchair Traveller :(
May I ask what's the motive of this trip ? You are not setting any record but just munching miles. Why go via Dholavira ?
@Prasham : Thankyou for the response as usual.

Regarding the Dholavira part, Our team is having 2 professional photographers who would like to capture some life pics from Rann of Katchh region...Further, none of my team has gone to tht region. that makes another reason...

Having said these, its not mandatory to visit Dholavira.... And after posting the route, self realized that we might be pushing ourself with hectic rides..
Your experience and suggestions are needed to make a more realistic plan.


Armchair Traveller :(
You seem to doing a South to North trip. I suggest the following route:

Cape Comorin - Bangalore - Pune - Vadodara - Udaipur - Jaipur - Delhi - Manali - Leh - Manali - Delhi

1) How do you plan to bring back the cars if you fly out of Delhi ?

2) Figure out the night stops depending your caliber.

3) Keep in mind that larger the gang, lesser is the distance covered.
We are working out on the option of booking a trailer for the transport while considering the option 1.
Since we are in the initial stages of fixing up things, we will be fixing up night stay locations according to the routes. got few friends around. hope they will be able to help us out in fixing the accommodation in advance.
As mentioned in the first post, We are trying to limit the gang count to less than 5 cars keeping in mind the possible co ordination issues and time lag in each stage completion.
Can u please advice, are civilians allowed further up over Warshi? we would like to visit the Siachen Base Camp...


Armchair Traveller :(
I have read somewhere that they allowed civilians till some point in Siachin but I am not sure if its a standard affair. I suggest you write a letter / email to DM Ladakh or similar competent authority. They may guide you in the right manner.