Roadtrip from Delhi to Gangtok


Hello All

I m logging in here after a long long time so hope to find all of you in best of health. I am planning to do 10 Day trip from Delhi to Gangtok and back in my City VXMT I-Vtec. Has anyone attempted this before? If yes what route to take? Road conditions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I wish to do the same(Delhi-Gangtok) in one week from - to start somewhere around 6th/7th June, 2017.
Any help on recommended route or roads are appreciated as I'll be travelling with kids.

If someone can prescribe an itenary for 14/15 days - that would be great.


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Can you share your brief plan, day-wise? I think 10 days would fall short. Of course, if you want to touch only Gangtok, then it would be doable.