Roadtrip to Walong, Arunachal Pradesh


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Day 3: Khupa to Walong

Distance: 100 kms

Road conditions: Good (relatively speaking)

I don’t know what it is about road trips in Arunachal- but suddenly I am transformed into a eager early morning person. I got up at 5am, checked vitals of the car and got ready to go by 6. The bikers from last night had come from Sibsagar, Assam and were also starting for Walong. We would be meeting each other all the way to Walong.

The fuel gauge was still showing 5 bars and I thought that would be enough for a trip to Walong and back and decided not to tank up at Khupa. This was a mistake on my part as I miscalculated the mileage I would get on my car in steep hills.

It was a drizzly morning at Khupa. Everything seemed fresh and green from the rain last night.


Beautiful morning in Khupa

We started at a leisurely and stopped at almost every twist and turn. Mists had formed over the Lohit giving it a heavenly look. Our first stop was of what I think to be the Hayuliang town. The early morning sun rays trying to pierce the mists over the Lohit river was magical and can’t be expressed in these pictures.


A hanging bridge near Hayuliang

Some more pics from the road:

Lohit river


Enjoying the morning



From the twisty roads


In a rush to join the Lohit:


We saw some more hanging bridges but did not attempt to cross them.


While driving at such lonely roads, where there is no on-coming vehicle for such long times one gets a little complacent. So when suddenly an army convoy comes suddenly at a blind turn it does surprise you a bit.

The road is full of free natural service centres i.e. waterfalls flowing onto the road. A perfect place to wash your car.

We soon came saw a motorable bridge on our right hand side leading to Hawai. The stay options are good there with a couple or more IBs. Made a note to visit the place on the return journey.


Bridge to Hawai, Anjaw district

One more pic from the road:


We came across a really wide patch of road with some settlements for the road workers. I was later informed that this is an old runway used for landings by the armed forces.


Old airstrip

The road from Khupa to Walong is entirely devoid of eating options. Only a few small shops are there selling biscuits etc. The drive was getting a little tiring with an empty stomach. However every time we stopped for a break the cool air and scenery recharged us to some extent.

Some pics:





Posing hehe


Pine trees as near Walong


We reached Walong at around 1 pm and searched for a place to lunch. The local restaurants sell only fast food like momo (very good) and thukpa. The only place to get a proper meal is the IB. After finishing our thukpa, we went to the IB for enquiring about room availability.

The caretaker there informed that he would be able to confirm only in the evening as some guests were yet to vacate. We told him to prepare at least the dinner for us and we went on our way to the Namti plains and if possible a little beyond.

Day 3 to be continued....



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Haha.. Good luck with that ;)
That's something I do that always so I know what you mean ;)
Hehe life was simpler with a P & S.

Excellent Gunin. Please bring on next episode of your trip.
Thank you :)

Lovely images and and a great start. Waiting for more. Nice to know that the Alubari ghat bridge is complete now. That will save hours and hours of long driving time through Wakro/Parasuram Kund..
Did you have to take permission from ADC to stay at the IB? When we went we had to take permit(very easy to get anyway) and the place never had any electricity then (no complaints though, it was nice without electricity too :p). But have to say that was the best stay in Arunachal during our whole trip.
Thank you. Yes the Alubari bridge and also the Dhola-Sadiya bridge has cut down travel time drastically. Now, if i choose to I can drive at night time also and simply cross over :)

We didn't take any permissions for staying at the IB. For us the caretaker was all in all :)
Fantastic stuff Gunin bhai!
The morning mist over the Lohit looks heavenly in the photo, I can only imagine what it would have been in real!


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lovely greenery
Thank you

Awesome is a cliche, but unfortunately I have to use it. :)
Thank you :)

Awesome stuff Gunin Bhai :)
waiting for the next part...
Thanks bhai. working on it

Great Places !
Great Moves !
Great Posers !
Great Views !
Great Pics !
Satinder ji thank you

Fantastic stuff Gunin bhai!
The morning mist over the Lohit looks heavenly in the photo, I can only imagine what it would have been in real!
Thanks Rajiv bhai