Rohtang Tunnel to become a reality


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Which tunnels?? I havent seen any tunnels on the roads (NH 17 / NH 4 or within the Konkan region), apart from the Mumbai - Pune Expressway ones. Are you talking about the Konkan railway tunnels?
Yes, the extremely long tunnels on konkan railway line.
Work of art.
Even the mountainsides, very landslide prone, are reinforced using steel cable nets. If we had such nets on rohtang, landslides would be history.

Gaurav Pai

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Oh yes, those tunnels are really a marvel. Adding to that, the mountains of konkan are made up of red soil which is very loose. Hence the reason of those sturdy nets which prevents landslide and holds the soil up. Seriously, something similar would reduce the chances of landslides in the himalayan range.
thanks sidhu saab for showing the tunnel work .
what technique is being used . the tunnnel boring machine or drill and blast method ?