Routes and Roads in Madhya Pradesh


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I am a new member here from Indore, so you may find it funny that I am asking about MP roads and their status.
I searched on Google, here and also on TeamBHP, but couldn't find anything useful about my query. It appears that MP is not that popular among roadies.

I have planned to visit Orchha, Khajuraho, Chitrakoot, Maihar in coming days. I have driven to Sagar - Kanha -Jabalpur - Amarkantak, but northern part is not traversed yet.
The big hurdle had been the bad condition of NH3 (Indore to Gwalior). For years till now, this part of the Agra-Bombay road (NH3) remained in bad shape, while Indore to Mumbai is a very good 4-lane road. I have heard that this part has now been converted to 4-lane.

I am considering a route : Indore - Bhopal - Vidisha - Sagar - Damoh - Maihar- Satna - Chitrakoot - Panna Reserve - Khajuraho - Chhatarpur - Orchha - Jhansi - Guna - Indore (this last leg via NH3).

Can any experienced member advise on this? Change in route and itinerary? Road conditions?

I guess there are others also looking for this information, so your comments will help us all.


@suyash_tripathi ji can tell better about Road Conditions.
Rest decide your itinerary yourself with help of other logs.
I think 1 night can be spent at each place is ok.
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From Satna till Chhatarpur roads are not in very good condition but surely driveble, rest all the other roads as mentioned are in good condition. MP roads have improved a lot, don't worry.


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Hello Folks,

I completed my trip (by Swift Desire Automatic) smoothly as listed next (Nov 8 till 15):
Indore - Dewas - Guna - Shivpuri - Orchha - Jhansi - Orchha - Chhatarpur - Khajuraho - Chitrakoot - Panna Reserve (Hinauta) - Maihar - Damoh - Sagar - Vidisha - Bhopal - Indore.

Observations / comments:
1. Stayed at Orchha (2 nights), Khajuraho (1 night), Chitrakoot (1 night), Hinauta (1 night), Maihar (1 night).
2. Orchha, Khajurahu & Hinauta stays were good, Chitrakoot & Maihar stays were bad.
3. Sighted 3 tigers (mother & 2 grown-ups) during the only safari we took in the morning.
4. Orchha & Jhansi are clean and good, in fact I found Jhansi quite nice! Chitrakoot is dirty. Maihar is OK.
5.Good roads - Indore to Orchha via Guna is mostly 4-lane or good 2 lane with work in progress (NH3);
- Maihar to Indore is good 2 lane with work in progress (few places), but Sagar was problematic due to road work there and NO Bypass for Sagar;
- Road from Orchha to Jhansi is OK, but Orchha to Chhatarpur is bad at many places (~70km);
- Chhatarpur to Khajuraho road is good & then upto Panna also it is good;
- Panna to Chitrakoot via Ajaygarh & Atarra is good 2 lane road (we took it while returning), but we took other route via Majhgava which was very bad
from Panna till Majhgava, but good wide road from Majhgava till Chitrakoot;
- In Chitrakoot, roads are poor / OK but city is not good;
- Panna to Hinauta is good single lane road through jangle & we crossed NMDC colony (mines);
- Hinauta to Maihar road was OK, we baypassed Panna city;
- Maihar to Damoh to Katnai to Sagar all roads were good;
- Sagar to Vidisha to Bhopal & road was good.

More later!!