Royal Enfield Bullet 500 launched in India


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I presume, they have advertised this to bring back the thump and it weighs a massive 193 kgs. Presumably it should have a heavier flywheel. Booked one on the day it was launched.

Sanket Sarkar

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That looks like a more practical figure to go with!! 35+ BHP, I doubt. Unless, they are fully over-hauling the motor with hotter Cams, a ported Head and much more stuff like that!!
Official figures from distributors say "4 more bhp on the rear wheel". On the rear wheel.. UCE 500 delivers 23bhp or so. I think with the bigger throttle body, hot cams the bike will clock figures close to 30 BHP.

But one good thing will be.. Other RE riders will be able to swap their parts with the newer Cafe :p

*Patiently waits for the rearsets*


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I am dead set on this one. But it has been launched in Delhi, Punjab and Kerala. Dont know when in Maharashtra. So now change of plan ;) Going to buy it from Kerala or Delhi :D