Royal Enfield Bullet 500 (standard) ownership review

Really nice post with your ownership experience. Thanks for sharing it. I’m planning to replace my Himalayan with Bullet 500 EFI ABS or Interceptor!! My heart tells me Bullet but my mind tells Interceptor, for various issues users have posted about bullet. I did really got frustrated with Himalayan issues and RE workshop experience. By buying bullet 500 I don’t want to be in the same workshop every weekend on fixing issues and not enjoying as my heart feels. Please suggest.
Hi Aravindh,

Sorry for responding so late - work pressures have kept me away from the forum.

Now, coming to your dilemma, I'm not the best person to offer you advise in this context. I have a Bullet 500 with a carb - so I have no personal experience with RE's EFI Bullets.

However, if you haven't already purchased your new bike my suggestion would be as follows:
1. If your primary aim is to not depend on Royal Enfield mechanics at all, you could consider buying a carburetted Bullet 500. I think you should be able to find some that were made early 2017.
The down side to this approach is that you don't get any ABS. The plus side is that (once you're confident enough) you can handle most of the small issues yourself. You just need to visit the RE workshop to buy genuine parts and handle everything else yourself or with the help of a trusted mechanic.

2. If ABS is important to you or you're not looking for a 2nd hand bike, you can consider one of the RE twins. They've received good reviews and as far as I know there are no major issues reported affecting a large number of bikes. However, I would suggest to wait for the 2nd generation twins to make sure any issues that are not public knowledge are sorted out.

The most important would be to find a good and honest RE mechanic in your area and at the same time learn to work on the bike to take care of some of the minor things.

Happy riding! :)
Update 15177 KM:

During my last oil change (around 13000 KM) I had used Motul 3000 15W50 as I wanted to check if there really was any difference between using a mineral oil and a (semi)synthetic oil.

Here's my experience after the change from Motul 5100 -> Motul 3000:
PowerNo changeThe bike may have felt slightly sluggish - but that could also be due to either a dirty air filter or spark plugs that needed cleaning.
Fuel efficiencyNo changeFuel efficiency remained same (34.5 KM/lt) after oil change.
Gear changesMinor Issues observedDownshifting from 3 -> 2 and 2 -> 1 didn't feel smooth. Major issues when changing from 1 -> N.
HeatingMajor issuesImmediately after the oil change, the engine started radiating a lot more heat. Even after fairly short rides, the engine would feel very hot.

I was getting the Motul 5100 for about Rs 513/lt on Amazon (I've purchased for about Rs. 470/lt before). So, I wanted to check if I could try out a synthetic oil and see the difference.

After looking around I ordered the Shell Advance 15W50 Ultra for Rs. 649/lt from Amazon. This is a 100% synthetic engine oil.

Changed the oil today and went for a short ride. The heating issues were gone instantly. I rode (in about 38C temperature) for a good 3 KM which previously would be enough to turn the engine into a mini barbecue. However, today there were no such heating issues present at all. :D

I'll share my observations after I've tested the new oil on a long ride and during my office commute.

Safe riding.
After riding 100+ KMs on the highway and about 20 KMs in city traffic - I still can't get my head around the drastic reduction in the heat emanating from the engine. The new full synthetic oil has been performing wonderfully.

Previously after a short ride I could feel the engine radiating heat if I put my hand about a few inches away from it. Now, unless I touch the engine I barely feel any heat radiating out. :D

Gear shifts have also become easier than before. In fact they've become so smooth sometimes when shifting from 1 -> 2 I end up in N if I change the gear slowly.

Overall I'd definitely recommend giving this Shell 15W50 synthetic oil a try.

Safe riding


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guys I am trying to transfer my 2015 bullet 500 from puducherry to bangalore does anyone have an invoice copy from either bangalore or pondicherry for a 2015 model bullet 500 please watsapp or email me a pic for submitting to the RTO