Royal Enfield Electra 350 Twinspark - Owner's Review

Thank you for your feedback. It will help me a lot. So I should go for electra. I don't like to change silencer , I have seen a lot of owners change silencer for sound effects. But I don't want to change company fitted one. Also I have decided black color of electra what you say.thank you.
Electra is mostly best as it is. If you are not happy with the rear tyre, upgrade to Michelin Sirac Street 3.5x19 or Ceat Gripp 3.5x19. It's a direct fit, no modifications are required. A good quality short bottle silencer won't be a bad idea too.

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Yeah in August.
Can you explain, what kind of mechanical problems started developing after 3 years? How many kilometers had you covered when you sold it? This is one of the best bikes in terms of seating position and riding comfort. How come you had lower back pain from it? I haven't heard anyone complaining as such.

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Hi all.... Its long time I posted something here. I guess all our bullet gurus are still here to guide all new bullet owners.
Its nearly 3 years I bought my red Electra. Never faced any big issue other than a battery change. Hopefully, will never face in future as well O:)O:)O:). The reason for nearly no issue could be that I have rode it just 9k kms in like 3 years.
Attaching a recent pic.
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Hi all and Shahid ! I remember we got the bike around the same time. I have run close to 20K kms now and like you the only problem faced was a dead battery which was replaced in warranty.